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Mending a Broken Heart with Hypnosis… Literally

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

People are always surprised when I tell them I’m a hypnotist.

It starts with a twinkle in their eye, then a curiosity builds. Then, often, they put up their fingers in the sign of a cross and jokingly say, “Don’t look at me!”

People often wonder what the limits really are. Is it just for fun? Can it be used to hurt people? Isn’t it all just in your mind?

All good questions, but let’s look at the last.

The evidence for a mind-body connection has been conclusive for decades now.

Neuro-transmitter, the chemical that shuttles thoughts between your brain cells, has now been found communicating these “thought messages” to all cells. This means that your mind has the ability to speak to any organ in the body.

Deepak Chopra put it best in the late-eighties when he said, “The immune system is constantly eavesdropping on our internal dialogue.”

What this means is, that while hypnosis does start in the mind, your mind has the ability to communicate hypnotic suggestions to any cell in the body at a speed of over 200 MPH.

This was dramatically illustrated in two cases involving heart surgery for two teens, written up in the TIME Magazine article called, “The Hypnotized Heart.”

This article describes two surgeries, one with a thirteen year old girl, and the other with a 14 year old boy. Because of the delicate nature of the nerves that control breathing and heart rate, chemical anesthesia is always a danger. And in these two particular cases, the danger was even greater, due to the deteriorating health of the patients.

So, anesthesiologist Milton Marmer decided to use hypnosis.

Not only did both surgeries go well, Marmer had each teen open their eyes and communicate with doctors in the room while on heart bypass with an open ventricle during each operation.

Surprised? This certainly sounds like ground-breaking, cutting edge use of hypnosis, doesn’t it?

It’s not. The article was written in July 1958.

The fact is, the average person hasn’t been made aware enough yet of the amazing ability of the human mind. And this ability is enhanced to nearly limitless degrees using hypnosis.

In the 1920s, the Mayo brothers performed more than 17,000 deep-abdominal surgeries using no anesthetic, whatsoever.

And, nearly 150 years ago in the 1860s, Esdaille used hypnosis to improve his morbidity rate for amputations from 80% down to just 10% – a feat totally unheard of at the time. Unfortunately, within a few years of his discovery, chemical anesthesia was invented, which was far easier and quicker to use, despite the chemical drawbacks.

The most important thing to remember in your life is that you and your mind are unlimited. You have to fix the realization in your mind that your mind and body are intimately connected and can influence each other on a level still not fully understood by modern science.

The more you believe in your ability to have, be and do what you want, the better results you will get in your life.

Michael Stevenson is a recognized expert in the field of human potential. He has been in the helping and healing profession for over a decade, and speaks routinely in and around Southern California.

To realize and reach your own potential, visit one of Michael’s seminars and workshops, which you can read about at the following page at Transform Destiny’s website.

Why it’s imperative to be “at cause” in 2009

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

As a Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, people are always looking to me for advice about how to live your life to the fullest, and to have, be, and do what you want in life.

I’m always happy to share my ideas and philosophies, and people are always thankful to receive them.

In the past, my message was one of hope, and desire.

Now, it has become one of necessity.

The idea of “stability” that we have come to know has disappeared.

Our economy, based mostly on “confidence”and speculation, has crumbled. Our new leadership who promised change in their campaign, are now predicting more of the same, but worse.

Companies that never had layoffs are beginning to let people go by the dozens, hundreds, or even the thousands.

Last week, Microsoft let go of 500 employees, Home Depot shut down a division, the Caterpillar company laid off 20,000 employees. This is just the beginning.

If your idea of “playing it safe” in 2009 is to keep your head down, your nose to the grindstone, and hope to weather the storm at your current job, you’ve got it all backward.

We are moving into a new world mindset. This is not a mindset of career, places, and things, but a mindset of connection, empowerment and action.

In this new world mindset, what is important are the connections you have with people, the tools you have to empower yourself and others, and your ability to be decisive and take action.

Now more than ever, it is imperative for you to be “at Cause” in your life.

What does it mean to be at Cause?

It means taking responsibility for your life — for where you are now, and where you want to be.

It means that no matter what is coming in the future, you are ready, prepared, and willing to take action, have, be, and do what you must to make the most of each and every day.

So that no matter what happens in your life, there will be no reasons (no excuses). Only results.

While other people will be living unhappy lives and blaming it on their employers, the economy, the government, you have everything you need, everything you desire, and more.

If Microsoft, Home Depot, and Caterpillar — three very well-established companies — are laying off employees now, how long will it be before that your story?

It doesn’t have to be, if you’re willing to take action.

You need to disengage your autopilot and take control.

I am certain that NLP is the key to creating incredible connections, empowering yourself beyond any of your current beliefs, and being decisive in taking action, that it is my mission to change the world one person at a time.

That’s why I’m taking drastic measures.

Of all the obstacles (excuses) people give me for not making it to an NLP training, the two biggest are time and money.

That’s why in 2009 I have chosen to be “at cause”and created new opportunities for you.

If money is your obstacle to taking this life-changing training, we have a new payment plan that makes these trainings a reality for you.

Starting right now, just $400 down and $200 a month for 12 months gets you into NLP practitioner training immediately.

Most schools require you to pay in full before coming to the training. On our plan, simply making the down payment and staying on the payment plan gets you into any Practitioner training on the schedule, regardless of whether or not you have paid in full yet.

If, after seeing these astonishing new offers, you are still thinking that you don’t have the time or money, that’s exactly why you need these trainings.  Those debilitating limiting beliefs are what are keeping you from having the time and/or money to do what you want.

After eliminating all of the mental obstacles that have been holding you back all these years, after developing your new money consciousness, and after developing the tools to start a new business as a practitioner in self-help, business, or education, you will have the tools to generate more money and more time in your life then ever before.

If you really want to be empowered, if you really want to be successful, if you really want to be happy in the coming months and years, call me.

I am an expert at helping people get over those obstacles and limiting beliefs, and I can help you.

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Who will win this weekend? Tough choice.

Monday, January 26th, 2009

What are you going to choose to do this weekend?

No matter what is on TV, you can always TiVo it and choose to change your life for the better.

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Tough choice!

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Holiday prices extended a few days

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

Ok, so I got a ton of emails from people telling me that they were out of town when I had the holiday sale and didn’t get the announcement.  If you’re one of those people, you’ll be really happy, because I’ve extended the holiday sale (it’s now a New Year’s sale) prices until January 14th.  Period.  That’s it.  (Really.)

All the links in my previous post are still good until then.  Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

I’d like to wish you every happiness this Holiday Season and prosperity in the New Year. Thank you for being a part of our lives.

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Understanding Motivation

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Are you motivated?

Do you know what kind of motivation you have?

Most people don’t think about it, but there are actually different kinds of motivation – two, to be exact: “Toward” motivations and “Away” motivations.

The common analogy is “the Carrot vs the Stick.”  While that’s a well known analogy, most people don’t realize that it does describe an actual personality trait. Nor do they take the time to figure out which one motivates the people they interact with.

These motivation styles are an example of another NLP Meta Program called Motivation Direction Filter (refer to my previous post on NLP Meta Programs if you haven’t read it yet).

Motivation Direction Filter Meta Program

You can easily find out someone’s motivation direction by asking the following question:

“What do you want in a job/relationship/car/your life?”

Listen to the response.  You’ll find that people will answer in one of the following ways:

Toward Motivation

A “toward” person is motivated toward what they want or like.  They will be motivated by rewards, bonuses and achieving goals.  They will want to know what benefits they will reap by getting the outcome.  Motivate the toward person with a “carrot.”  The “stick” will only offend them and make them angry.

Away Motivation

An “away” person is motivated away from what they don’t want or like.  They will will do what it takes to avoid pain and/or suffering and are often highly motivated by their fears.   Motivate the Away person with a “stick.”  If you try to motivate them with a “carrot,” they simply won’t care.

Of course, things are rarely that black and white.  There are varying shades of gray, even with the Motivation Direction Filter, so you may find people Toward With a Little Away, Away With a Little Toward or Both Toward and Away Equally.

In any case, this is one simple pattern that can greatly increase your persuasion skills.

Discover the Secret Behind The Secret

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Are you one of the millions of people who saw the movie, The Secret?

I’ll bet you’ve been diligently wishing for your new life ever since.

Maybe you’re sitting in your recliner with your hands on an imaginary steering wheel trying to attract a new car.

Perhaps you’re going to your mailbox wholly expecting with heart and mind to find piles of money in the form of checks, rather than bills.

Or maybe you’re changing the paintings in your home to attract that passionate romantic lover you’ve been waiting a lifetime for.

The fact is, none of that works.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble.  The Secret is an amazing movie, and it’s incredibly inspirational, but they left out one, big, important step

How To Actually Attract The Life You Want!

You see, wishing simply isn’t going to cut it.

I’m a firm believer in the Law of Attraction.  We routinely tell our students, “You get what you focus on, so focus on what you want!”

But instead of just wishing, you need to learn to take action.

You need to learn to use your heart and mind in different ways.

Ways that automatically attract what you want to you, and attract you to what you want.

We are entering difficult times.  Unfortunately, the idea of stability that most people have come to understand is crumbling away in your fingers.

No longer can you count on your job or your government to take care of you.

With the rapid decline of our economy and corporate structure, the only way to excel and prosper in the next few years is to learn how to take control of your own destiny and shape your future the way you want it.

But simply watching The Secret isn’t going to help.  You need top-notch mental and emotional tools to help you overcome the mediocrity embraced by our society, turn off your autopilot and soar to new heights you’ve only dreamed of.

I’m not talking about fluffy, feel good, new-age, concepts. I’m talking about real, tangible, tools and techniques you can use now to leap out of the downward spiral and blaze your own trail toward health, happiness and abundance.

Whether you want to start your own business, work with others, improve your own life, or just help your friends and family, with Neuro-Linguistic Programming, you’ll have the ultimate collection of tools you need right now, before it’s too late.

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How to make sure people listen

Friday, September 12th, 2008

People always ask me, “Hey, Michael, you’re a master hypnotist. Do you know a way that I can be hypnotic so people listen to everything I say carefully?”

Of course I do!

I remember when I was in NLP Trainer’s Training. We covered nested loops quite a bit. It was amazing. I know you’ve been in a situation where everything that’s said is of the utmost importance, and you focus your attention on just one thing. Me, I know this stuff is riveting. And, as we continued sitting in our chairs, wondering about nested loops, soaking all this up, the most amazing thing happened.

It kind of reminds me of the time, when I was a kid… you can remember that, can’t you? Having those childhood memories… thoughts, emotions, curiosities. Everybody can… I always liked being outside, but this time I decided to just go inside. I came across the most amazing thing in the basement. I’m not suggesting that you have to go all the way down in the basement to find the amazing things, inside… but sometimes it’s fun.

Like, the learnings that they get when they go into the pyramids. They see all kinds of things that are so much better, so much more interesting, inside. The jewels and other treasures are calling out, saying, “Come in, deeper, and find out the wonders we have embedded within us.”

I found a fly embedded in something once… what was that called? Oh, yes. Amber. The fly was embedded in amber. It must have been there for… how many years? Probably. And, do you know what the fly said to me?

Nested loops (also called embedded metaphors) are a simple way of putting the folks you’re communicating with into a nice light trance, such that your message is better accepted by the unconscious mind, rather than being analyzed, criticized and possibly rejected by the conscious mind, by opening loops (incomplete stories) and then not finishing them until you have delivered your message.

If this subject really intrigues you, you’ll want to take one of our NLP trainings. You could also look into our Free NLP Guide for Milton Erickson patterns.  There are many writings about his use of loops, both in print and on the internet.

You can also look into the Zeigarnik affect. Bluma Zeigarnik was a psychologist from Russia who discovered that when things are left incomplete, people will remain interested in what you say until those things left incomplete are completed. This is why headlines work so well which read, “Would you like to know the three words I can use to make anyone give me their money? I’ll share them with you in a moment, but first I want to talk to you about…”

Nothing. The fly said nothing. It had been dead for quite some time. But I did learn that sometimes the most profound learnings can come when very little is actually said.

Like the explorers. They enter the pyramids, not sure exactly what they’ll find. And what is it that they find? Yes, there are treasures and mummies and such, but what really interests some people are the symbols. Symbols everywhere. And as they continued to look into how they’re made, something that seemed so complex at first, turns out to be really very simple instead.

Simple things are sometimes just what the doctor ordered… In some specific order or another. See, in my basement, I found “myself.” Well, I found a diary that I had written years before and maybe forgotten about, until now. And in that diary, I told story after story after story . I would often start stories, only to finish them later, after I had said what I wanted… and I found a very special message to myself, right on the middle page, in the center of them all.

And, as I watched the NLP trainer on the stage, teaching us about metaphors and nested loops, I was amazed to find out that he was using nested loops to teach them to us! It’s an experience I will never forget and one you should experience, too.


Five things you can do right now to begin achieving your dreams

Saturday, September 6th, 2008

People see the success my clients and students achieve and ask me, “What can I do to be that successful?”

The mentality is that there’s some kind of “magic bullet” that will automatically transform their life without any kind of investment or effort.

Unfortunately, there isn’t. But there is something you can do right now to jump-start your success.

Five Principle For Success

This principles come directly from Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and when you follow these steps, you’ll begin to see automatic results in your life.

1. Know Your Outcome

I often ask people, “What do you want?” and I’m always amazed at the answers I get.

They usually range from, “I don’t know,” to, “Well I don’t want X, and I hate Y.”

Most people have no idea what they really want.

One thing we know about the unconscious mind — which is the goal-getting part of your mind — is that it needs clear instructions to achieve a goal, otherwise you’re likely to get inconsistent results.

You must know what you want in detail. That doesn’t mean you have to know the exact steps to get it, yet. But you to have to have a clear internal representation of what it is.

This means you know what it will look like, sound like, and feel like, and even what you might be saying to yourself when you get that goal.

You can read more about how to set effective goals in our Free NLP Guide under the Keys To An Achievable Outcome.

2. Take Action

Someone once said, “Knowledge isn’t power. Knowledge is only potential power. Action is power.”  No truer words have been spoken.

For instance, I loved the movie The Secret. I thought it was very inspirational and entertaining.

But so many people tell me they tried it, but it “didn’t work.”

And when I asked what they did, it essentially came down to “wishing for it.”  The movie simply doesn’t put enough emphasis on taking action.

My Grandmother used to say, “Wish in one hand and crap in the other. Put them together and tell me what you’ve got.”

Wishing simply isn’t going to get the job done. You’ve got to take action. Take the first step.

So, how do you know what the first step is? Simple. Start with your future goal and work backward.

If your outcome is to have $1,000,000 net in a year, what would have to be your nine month goal to have $1M in twelve months? And what would have to be your six month goal to get the nine month goal? What would your three month goal have to be to get that six month goal?

By working out the details backwards, you can find that very crucial first step for any goal, no matter how big or small.

3. Have Sensory Acuity

Sensory acuity means, being aware of what’s going on around you. Seeing, hearing and feeling your results, and paying attention to whether or not they’re advancing you toward your outcome or not.

If you’re paying attention to the results, and they’re not what you want, then you need to…

4. Have Behavioral Flexibility

There’s a rule in NLP that basically says, he who has the most flexibility in their behavior, wins.

This means that if you are willing to do whatever it takes (obviously, within your own moral scope) to achieve your goal, you are far more likely to achieve it than if you were fixed in the way it “must be done.”

So often, people are rigidly fixed in their behavior, that success just passes them by. They keep doing the same things over and over again, expecting a different result. And we all know what Einstein said about that – insanity!

So, be willing to change your behavior in ways that you maybe didn’t expect to get results. The more flexible you can be, the easier success will come.

5. Operate From a Physiology and Psychology of Excellence

Finally, have your body and your mind 100% focused on success. This is called a physiology and psychology of excellence.

Your physiological being is essentially a machine that is designed to produce the results that you’re focusing on. It doesn’t matter if you program it with – happy or sad, thin or fat, smoker or non-smoker, rich or poor – it will act out any image, concept or idea that you are holding in your conscious and unconscious minds.

Ultimately, you get what you focus on, so focus on what you want. Not on what you don’t want.

People sometimes ask me, “But, what if I’m fooling myself?” or “If I only focus on the good stuff, I won’t be prepared if something bad happens.”

I got the answer to this way back in Jr. High, when a motivational speaker came to our school and said, “It’s better to aim at the moon and land in a pile of crap, than it is to aim at the pile of crap and hit it.”

Simply put, always set your sights high and operate from the belief – both physically and phychologically – that you will achieve it.

You’ll be amazed by the results.


Who’s the secret celebrity hypnotist?

Friday, September 5th, 2008

I found out about an new, secret, celebrity hypnotist today!

Dilbert creator, Scott Adams, is a trained hypnotherapist!

Who knew?!

You can read about his experience and opinions here: