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What are you digging for?

Monday, November 25th, 2013 : Read 2,323 Times : 458 words (Aprox 2 min read)

ShovelOne day, a man decides that he wants to be wealthy, important, successful.

So he goes down to the river and decides he’s going to dig for treasure. He’s looking for buried cash.

He digs and digs for hours on end, but finds nothing but rocks.

He digs through the morning and beyond lunch, completely forgetting to eat. He digs through the afternoon and into the evening, frustrated that all he keeps finding are rocks, and tossing them aside.

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A little blue pill for your marketing?

Monday, July 25th, 2011 : Read 1,552 Times : 615 words (Aprox 3 min read)

Having been a business owner and marketer for seventeen years (as of 2011), and training people to start their own businesses for over six years now, I’m often asked how to turn a business around fast to make money.

Entrepreneurs today think they’re are facing a difficult economy. “Nobody’s buying,” is a phrase I hear a lot these days.

My usually reply is, “Really? I hadn’t noticed.”

The fact is, if…

  • You’re selling something of value
  • and, your prospective clients have a need for it
  • and, your price point is strategically positioned
  • AND, you’re really speaking to your prospects

… then you’re more than likely to do well, regardless of the state of the economy.

The problem is simple. If you’re not making money today, it’s likely that…

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My Daily LoA Tip: Perseverance and the Law of Attraction

Friday, November 26th, 2010 : Read 1,019 Times : 75 words (Aprox 1 min read)

“The temptation when the path to success gets too bumpy is to leap back into the comfort zone. Don’t. Keep pushing forward, always forward. The comfort zone is the land of dreams and wishes. Success is the land of results, where all those dreams come true.” -Mark Burnett, Creator of Survivor.

All the best fruit is at the end of the branches, so take a big step out of your comfort zone!


My Daily LoA Tip: Creativity and the Law of Attraction

Sunday, November 21st, 2010 : Read 989 Times : 81 words (Aprox 1 min read)

You are a creative manifestation of the universe becoming conscious of itself.

Creation is the act of turning nothing into something.

Tapping into the creative source within you brings the world into alignment with your thoughts, and your desires, your dreams and your destiny all manifest into the real world without effort, because it’s energy that creates creation.

When you put your creative expressive energy – the essence of your soul – into your dreams, their manifestation becomes truly effortless.

My Daily LoA Tip: Letting Go of Perceived Limits

Monday, November 1st, 2010 : Read 1,027 Times : 54 words (Aprox 1 min read)

If you think you have challenges, roadblocks or even limitations that hold you back, go watch the video of Nick Vujicic on YouTube and try in vain to feel as if ANY of those old perceptions are real.

Then take some REAL action and make your life your own.

To your success,

My Daily LoA Tip: Believe in You

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 : Read 981 Times : 101 words (Aprox 1 min read)

Manifestation can be difficult if you don’t feel deserving.

The Law of Attraction works on feelings, and your feelings will not be aligned until you begin to feel some love and gratitude for yourself.

So take some time today to stop and appreciate yourself and feel gratitude for the impact you’re making in this world. You deserve success!

PS – There’s a program that you can listen to for just 15 minutes each day that will help you feel better, believe stronger and manifest effortlessly. It’s called the Wealth Imprint System, and you can get it here.

My Daily LoA Tip: What a Hypnotist Knows About the Law of Attraction

Friday, October 22nd, 2010 : Read 1,188 Times : 255 words (Aprox 2 min read)

World-famous hypnotherapist Milton H. Erickson said, “A goal without a date is just a dream.”

When you write your goals (and I hope you do), be sure to attach a specific date to that goal. Without a date, your unconscious mind will hold it in perpetual limbo and you will not vibrate with that intention.

The best way to write and visualize your goal to make the Law of Attraction work, is to state it, see it, hear it and feel it as if you have it NOW – present tense.

“I now have $1,000,000 net.”

In order for your unconscious mind and the universe to manfest a goal, you have to feel like you have it now.

Of course, such a statement can easily feel like a lie, especially if you only have $42 in the bank. And that’s why it’s so important to attach a date, as well as what you’ll see, hear and feel when you’ve got it.

So how do we fix it?

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My Daily LoA Tip: Being at Cause

Saturday, October 16th, 2010 : Read 980 Times : 58 words (Aprox 1 min read)

One key to manifesting is being at Cause.

In every situation, you can either find yourself at cause for the situation, or at the effect of something else.

Being at Cause gives you power. Being at effect gets you stuck.

Get in the habit of asking yourself, “How am I at cause in this situation?”


My Daily LoA Tip: Obstacles into Opportunities

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010 : Read 1,014 Times : 70 words (Aprox 1 min read)

Begin to see obstacles instead as opportunities.

Each obstacle is an opportunity to learn, exercise, grow and enrich yourself. They’re part of the journey. Learn to celebrate them, rather than damn them.

Without movement, you can’t be obstructed, so the very fact that you experience an obstacle means you are moving towards your goals.

Turn each obstacle into a learning and the Law of Attraction will reward you handsomely.

My Daily LoA Tip: Thoughts and the Law of Attraction

Monday, October 11th, 2010 : Read 974 Times : 51 words (Aprox 1 min read)

Since “thoughts become things,” choose to have more of them on purpose.

Begin thinking about your thinking and start replacing some of the more stressful, petty, dramatic and negative thoughts with those of things you want to manifest.

The Law of Attraction will respond in kind and with abundance.

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