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For the last 22 years, Transform Destiny has been teaching people around the world how to use NLP to tap into the inner-mind for success, prosperity, fulfillment and happiness.

We specialize in teaching you the real life skills, such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, to create success, happiness, fulfillment and wealth. From business to personal development events and coaching, our speakers, trainers and coaches will teach you how to get better results in every area of life.

New Video from Transform Destiny Founder, Michael Stevenson


Our live trainings and events are the best in the world and are guaranteed to take you to your next level of development in your career or personal life.

"Every training I take through Transform Destiny seems to fill a void or fit as a missing piece in some way; sometimes major and sometimes minor. Either way I'm growing at accelerated rates as a result. I recommend this course and any course that interests you. But you may find the training that interests you the least might make the most profound transformation of them all." -Kahmara Gabri El

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Not only do we train the best Practitioners, Master Practitioners, Trainers, and Master Trainers in the world, we hvae some of the most skilled Hypnotherapists, NLP Master Practitioners, and Master Coaches you'll find anywhere. Visit our Services Page to see what we have to offer in terms of one-on-one sessions, group coaching, individual coaching, and private trainings and speaking engagements.

Latest News at Transform Destiny

The NLP Success Formula — Free Video Training with Transform Destiny Founder, Michael Stevenson

Learn the secrets to getting certified in NLP and making a great living helping people in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming from NLP Master Trainer Michael Stevenson. This video training is free for a limited time. Click here reserve your seat!

Get Access to Nearly ALL Of Our Online NLP Courses for Less Than a Cup of Coffee Each Day!

Now you can get access to nearly ALL of our NLP and other other courses (21 and counting, with more added each month) in our new netflix-style video-on-demand membership program, The Members Only Passport! Click here to read more!

Mastering the Business of Professional Speaking: How Transform Destiny Founder, Michael Stevenson, and others use specific, step-by-step strategies to make multiple seven-figures in the field of speaking and training

Learn how to market yourself and succeed in business as a professional speaker and/or trainer. Michael has been a successsful speaker for over 12 years and a trainer of NLP for more than 8 years. Now you can leverage his success and knowledge in this field to accellerate your speaking business success. Click here to read more!

New Course: Clear Your Calendar — How to Get More Done, Clear Your Mind and Create Peace in Your Life, One Task at a Time

Learn how to manage your time and clear your calendar using a proven, step-by-step method of time management compatible with your subconscious mind and NLP! Click here to read more!

New Course: From Goal "Settling" to Goal Setting: How to Use NLP to Set POWER Goals that ALWAYS Come True

Learn how to tap into the power of the subconscious mind (the secret of great geniuses like Disney, Edison and Einstin) to make goals that always come true using NLP! Click here to read more!

New Course: The Power to Create Your Life Now! Home Study Course

Now you can learn how to use real NLP techniques in your own life to turn off the autopilot of the mind and create the life you've always dreamed of! Click here to read more!

Subconscious Influence Mastery Workshop

Learn to subconsciously influence and persuade people in everyday conversation without their awareness. You'll learn the secret language to tap into the subconscious mind of people — one-to-one or one-to-many... even in written word — to get more people to say YES! The last one sold out in just three weeks. Don't wait... Seats are selling out FAST! Click here to read more!

Michael Stevenson Releases 60 New Recorded Hypnosis Sesssions

Certified Master Trainer of Hypnosis and Founder of Transform Destiny, Michael Stevenson, has released 60 brand new, studio recorded hypnosis sessions on July 1st. These sessions cover the range from smoking cessation and weight loss to fears and phobias, habits, positive thinking and even sessions for children. Click here to read more!

Announcing Free NLP Training at

Learn the programming language of the mind: Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Michael has just released his 14 hour NLP video home study course for FREE at Now you can learn NLP without any expense, all from the comfort of your own home. Click here to read more and register for free!

Get Michael's New Book, UnStuck

Michael's new book has been released. It's called, UnStuck: The Owner's Manual for Success. In it, he and eight other success expert show you how to make simple, easy changes in your life to achieve success beyond your wildest dreams. Click here to read more.

What's it Like Inside Michael's Inner Circle?

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be around truly success-oriented people - not just financially, but in all areas of life -you have to check out Michael's Inner Circle coaching program. Click here to read more.

The Secrets to Running Your Own Successful Practice

If you've been trained as a hypnotherapist or practitioner but aren't seeing as many clients as you want, this training is for you! This is one business training you need if you want to practice hypnotherapy, coaching or to be a public speaker. Click here to read more.

Announcing Hypnosis Trainer's Training!

We've taken the hypnosis and hypnotherapy elements from our annual NLP, Hypnosis and TIME Trainer's Training to create this standalone five-day Hypnosis Trainer's Training that will certify you both as a Master Hypnotherapist AND a Trainer of Hypnotherapy, qualifying you to train others as hypnotherapists. To learn more about this training and how to start a lucrative, fulfilling career as a trainer, click here.

New 30-Day Program to Activate the Law of Attraction

Activate the Law of Attraction (as seen in the movie, The Secret) with this 30-day hypnosis program designed to transform your beliefs and get you on the track to manifesting your dreams automatically. Click here to read more.

NLP Practitioner Home Study Course

Learn NLP Practitioner form the comfort of your own home! This new online course is the same exact NLP material my Practitioner students get when they come to the live training! Click here to read more.

Hypnosis and NLP for Addictions

Learn to use the skills of Hypnosis and NLP to help overcome addictions and compulsions, from alcohol to drugs and more. Click here to read more and to enroll now.

Rapid Induction Workshop

Rapid Induction is the art of putting people in trance in less than two minutes! Learn 18 rapid inductions and 10 stage show routines in this fun, hands-on, one day weekend workshop! Click here to read more.

Group Hypnosis Specialty Certification training

Learn how to work with dozens to hundreds of people at a time in group hypnosis sessions for weight-loss, smoking and more! Includes specialty certification in group hypnosis! Click here to read more.

Mastering Sales with NLP

Our new NLP-based sales course is now available online. Learn to connect with more people, close more deals and master the art of sales. Read more about this online course and listen to the free sample here.

Two Powerful New Online Courses Available

On December 1st, we have released three, new, amazing eClasses, including Intro to NLP and Transform Your Memory. Click here to read more.

Transform Your Memory Online Course Now Available

Transform Your Memory is now available as a powerful, new eClass with added bonus features! Click here to read more.

CORE Method of Success Coaching Certification Online Course

Now, for the first time ever, you can become a Certified Success Coach in the comfort of your own home using just your computer and a video or audio recorder. Special introductory price! Click here to read more.

Free Information About NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) from Transform Destiny

We've just released the Free NLP Guide! Our entire NLP Practitioner Manual is now online for you to reference and learn from. We know you want the best, and we're sure that when you see the quality of our manual and how well we teach Neuro-Linguistic Programming, you'll choose us to be your NLP Training Institute. Click here to read more.

Just wanted to give you a quick thank you. Your training has way surpassed my expectations! I'm very happy! I'm sure we will be doing a lot of business in the future.  -Ian W

About the President and Founder of Transform Destiny
Michael Stevenson MNLP, MTT, MHt

Michael is a best-selling author, business coach, success coach, and international speaker with impressive credentials and experience. He has helped nearly than 200,000 people around the world learn to use the power of the mind to turn off the "autopilot," take hold of the controls, and create the life their dreams.

Michael started Transform Destiny in the year 2000 with a deep passion for helping people transform their individual destinies, after transitioning from an unsatisfying field in computer programming.

Now, he heads Transform Destiny, the top NLP, hypnotherapy, and coaching training company in the world, and our trainers teach these valuable skills all over The United States of America, as well as other countries.

You can read more about Michael on his bio page.

Co-Star of the Documentary Movie
  • The Evolution of Success movie with Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale, Bob Doyle, and Others

  • Voted the second most influential person in the field of NLP in 2020 by the Global Gurus organization

Author of the Books
  • Influence to Profit: Turning Words Into Wealth With Ethical Influence and Persuasion
  • UnStuck: The Owner's Manual for Success
  • The Power to Create Your Day... Now!
  • Quick Fix: NLP Recipes for Bliss
  • Best-Selling Book Learn Hypnosis... Now!
  • Certified Master Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Certified Master Trainer of TIME Techniques
  • Certified Master Practitioner of TIME Techniques
  • Certified Neuro-Linguistic Master Learning Specialist
  • Certified Neuro-Linguistic Learning Specialist Trainer
  • Certified Advanced Parts Therapy Specialist Certification
  • Certified Eye Movement Integration Practitioner
  • Certified Business Coach and Business Consultant
  • Certified Master Success Coach and Certified Trainer of Success Coaching
  • Certified Master Life Coach and Certified Trainer of Life Coaching
  • Certified Funnel Optimization Expert and Customer Value Optimization Expert
Board Certificatied Through
  • International Board of Coaches and Practitioners
  • International Association of Counselors and Therapists
  • International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association
  • American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Learning
  • International Hypnosis Federation
  • National Guild of Hypnotists
  • International Alliance of Professional Hypnotists
  • The Transform Destiny Company is also certified as an approved training institute by the International Board of Coaches and Practitioners and the International Hypnosis Federation.