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"Learn NLP At Home With the NLP Practitioner Audio Course!"

Now, you can discover the secrets of motivation, success and Influential persuasion by learning Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) at home in this powerful online Personal Development course!

Within the next two minutes, you'll discover an amazing new way to program your mind and influence others with new and easy ways to achieve success that you might never have thought possible.

By learning NLP, you're rewarding yourself with the most powerful skills on the planet to master rapport, self-help, sales, persuasion and more!

I invite you to give up arguing for the limitations you think you have, and to give yourself this gift. Learning NLP is like a magic key that opens up the floodgates of happiness, success and prosperity!

When you learn NLP you will find out how to make major changes in yourself and others easily, effortlessly and more quickly than you ever thought possible.

Join me, Michael Stevenson, for this captivating program designed for novices and experts alike!!

Want to Get Certified in NLP from Home?

The NLP Practitioner Audio Program is not a certification course.

If you're interested in getting certified in NLP, then the NLP Practitioner Home Certifiction Training (which includes this NLP Audio Course) will certify you in NLP, TIME Techniques, Hypnosis, EFT and Succes Coaching.

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"The home-study materials are an excellent resource."

"I was surprised at how easily NLP could be applied to produce rapid and deep changes.

"The home-study materials are an excellent resource." -Wido Ballenilla in Waterbury, CT

This is Just a Small Sample of What You Will Learn in This Mind-Blowing Online NLP Audio Course

  • Influence and Persuade Others to Follow Your Lead
  • Create Instantaneous Hypnotic Bonds With Complete Strangers
  • Negotiate Like a Master and Get What You Want
  • Make People Understand You With Powerful Communication Skills
  • Make Clients Beg You to Sell Them Your Products and Services
  • Become More Attractive to the Opposite Sex Regardless of Your Looks or Status
  • Create Wealth and Abundance in Ways You Haven't Even Conceived
  • And This is Just the Tip of the Iceberg!

"I was learning things that would change my life forever."

"I spent my afternoons with [this audio program on iPod] and Michael's hypnotic voice by the poolside, giddy as could be learning about anchoring, sub-modalities, and all the other Neuro-Linguistic Programming ideas. Little did everyone at the pool know I was learning things that would change my life forever... all while they were just getting a tan. Thanks again Michael!" -Andrew Fitzgerald, Orange County, CA

NLP is a power-packed tool belt designed to help you to use mental, physical and emotional skills you never even knew you had!

Learn to experience deep states of happiness, relaxation, awareness, creativity, intensity, clarity and confidence. Anchor powerful states and learn to bring them back at any time. It's all in this program and you can get instant access when you enroll now!

"By the time I was done with the program, my world had shifted from one of hopelessness to one full of possibility. I cannot recommend this program enough."

"Don't listen to this program unless you're ready for huge changes in your life. Really. When I was first introduced to it, I was physically, financially and emotionally devastated. I felt like one of those trail mules that had been beaten so much that just didn't care enough to move anymore.

"Then, this program found it's way into my life. I began listening — skeptically. After a couple of hours, I realized that Michael really believes everything he was saying and that his deepest desire is to make a powerful change in the world by putting people back in control of their thoughts and lives.

"By the time I was done with the program, my world had shifted from one of hopelessness to one full of possibility. Seemingly magical things started happening as soon as I used the techniques to change the way I felt about myself and saw my future in my mind.

"Since then, so many things that once seemed impossible began happening so regularly that if I shared the details I doubt most people would even believe them. I can hardly wait to see what happens next. I cannot recommend this program enough." -Glen Schuler, Lakeport, California

Not only will you find that you'll be able to change yourself, but you'll also be able to help your children, family, friends, co-workers and other loved ones. Imagine being able to help them all grow in a positive way.

When you learn this latest technology available, there's no limit to the results you will see.

If you're like most people, you won't be convinced about this program until you try it.

And that's why you'll want to get this program right now with my money back iron-clad guarantee to see that it will work for you.

Don't take my word for it, try it risk free!


As soon as you enroll and get instant access, you will be riveted with new ideas, strategies and insights and with new approaches to getting what you want as quickly as you want it.

"I Invested In The Course And Have Been Using Some Techniques At Work With Great Results"

"I'm a hospitalist physician in Oregon and spend most of my time seeing people when they are most vulnerable and cautious. I have learned I have to build rapport with people in less then one minute. Patients have to trust me with their health and welfare without knowing me as a person or physician.

"I have been using techniques learned in the course and found I can build rapport much quicker then I could previously. Thanks for getting this program available at home!" -Mike Marvinny, Ashland, Oregon

What's Included in the NLP Practitioner Audio Course?

The NLP Practitioner Audio Program includes my NLP Practitioner Manual - the same manual my Practitioner students receive, plus the NLP Practitioner audio programs, including:

  1. Empower Your Life With NLP — Introduction (33m)
    A brief introduction to NLP and Michael and the big picture overview of the program.
  2. Setting Achievable Goals... And then Achieving Them (57m)
    The secret science of success and how to get the results you want in life — including, the missing secret of The Secret.
  3. Installing Empowering Beliefs for Success — The Presuppositions of NLP (55m)
    The fundamentals of NLP, including empowering beliefs and mind-sets for creating success with NLP.
  4. Creating Instantaneous Connections — Rapport (51m)
    A powerful study of body language (even how to know if someone is lying!) and creating instant rapport with people everywhere you go.
  5. Powerful Communication Channels — Representational Systems and Eye Patterns (50m)
    How to communicate with people powerfully and how to watch people's eyes to know how they're thinking!
  6. The Programming Language of the Mind — Submodalities (1h 16m)
    Using the basic programming language of the mind, you can easily and quickly create changes, such as instantly disliking a tempting food, creating motivation for a task you don't want to do, eliminating a limiting self-belief and destroying old bad habits, all in seconds!
  7. The Conscious Use of Language — Presuppositions and Persuasion (1h 9m)
    Learn how to become incredibly influential by using persuasive language patterns to gently persuade others with integrity.
  8. Covert Communication — Conversational Hypnosis (1h 1m)
    Discover the conversational hypnosis style of Milton H. Erickson who would hypnotize people with their eyes open, just by telling them stories.
  9. Mastering Your Mental and Emotional State — Anchoring (1h 4m)
    Learn to be in charge of how you feel, both mentally and physically and how you can instantly eliminate bothersome emotional triggers and feelings.
  10. Harnessing the Programs of the Mind — Strategies (38m)
    Discover the programs you and others run in our minds that cause us to be motivated, decisive, reassured, convinced, loved, in love and more. A powerful way of helping yourself and others get off auto-pilot, take control and create success.
  11. Turning Negatives into Positives — Reframing (36m)
    Learn how to turn objections into acquiescence, resistance into compliance and argument into agreement with this "Jedi Mind Trick" style of persuasion.
  12. Eliminating Internal Conflict, Fears and Phobias — Parts (38m)
    Learn to eliminate your obstacles based on fear, indecision and internal conflict with this elegant set of tools from NLP.
  13. Hypnotic Success Programming — Deep Trance Session (16m)
    Sit back, relax and close your eyes while you listen to a demonstration of many of the hypnotic tools of NLP to help you integrate the remember the material.
  14. Integrating NLP Into Your Life — Living NLP (20m)
    Learn to take NLP off the pages of books and scripts, and into your personality to become such a master of NLP that you use it automatically, without conscious thought.


Do I Have To Be A Therapist or Coach to Learn This?

NLP Home Study Course

NO!! Because this isn't a certification course, there are no prerequisites and no testing!

While NLP can be used in coaching and therapy, everything taught in this course can be used on yourself, your children, family, friends, co-workers and more.

As a matter of fact, many people who learn NLP use it only for themselves! People from all walks of life learn NLP with me because they say they want to learn from the best, including parents, sales associates, healthcare workers, therapists, public speakers, law enforcement, chiropractors, coaches, managers, retirees, writers and more.

Who this Program is Designed For

  • People not yet interested or ready for certification who don't want to spend thousands for a certification course
  • Busy people who can't take time off work
  • Executives looking for new skills
  • Parents who want to help their kids
  • Retirees looking for a something new
  • People with physical disabilities
  • Coaches and family therapists who want powerful new tools
  • Sales and business professionals who want to learn self-coaching
  • You! So sign up already!!

"I'm Using NLP Every Day Now To Gain Insight Into Myself And Others"

"This program is fantastic. I'm using NLP every day now to gain insight into myself and others.

"The subconscious mind presuppositions were very enlightening, and I am gaining insight into people by reading their gestures, eye patterns, etc. Thanks for a great program!" -Paul Nabors, Big Spring, Texas

Why We're Different from Other NLP Institutes

Ours are the best programs in the industry because we do more! Our trainings meet and exceed the required standards that other institutes teach, so we deliver the most amazing, life-changing experience you've ever attended.

We are 100% committed to your success. That means that we'll do what it takes to help and support you.

Our trainers are fully available to you before, during and after the program to help you create success with NLP.

We are a different, more progressive kind of training company without the ego. That's why, in addition to everything so far, you'll get these additional, special bonuses:

NLP Training Bonuses!

These bonuses valued at more than $300 are also included:

  • New! Empowering Yourself... For a Change!
    • Bonus NLP self-help audio program!!
    • Learn how to create even more success in your own life
    • A $150 value!
  • Exclusive Member's Only Area Access
    • Includes template scripts and forms we use in our own practice
    • PLUS success and Law of Attraction ebooks
  • 28-Day Practice Guide
    • Make NLP Part of your behavior, personality and lifestyle
    • Learn to master the NLP Practitioner techniques
    • Makes the trainings worth the investment, because it's makes you use what you've learned
  • Lifetime Access to These Materials and Bonuses
    • Re-take the class any time for free
    • No extra charges, no hidden fees
    • Just login to the website and re-take, or download the files to your own computer and/or iPod or burn them on CD!

The Best Support in the Industry

Every person in our office is a practicing, Certified Trainer, Master Practitioner or Practitioner of NLP, TIME Techniques and Hypnosis. This means, when you call our office, you will not be given the runaround by sales staff, as with other training companies.

With Transform Destiny, you'll talk to a real NLP professional who can answer your questions, every time. No other NLP institute we know of can make this claim. This is why we offer world-class, unbeatable support.

"This Program Is Far And Away The Best"

"I have a great deal of NLP material, including other audio programs, but this program is far and away the best for clearly introducing material at the practitioner level. Very well presented and professional." -Scott Byiers, Winnipeg, MB, Sair Centre of Learning

Flexible Interest-Free Payment Plans Available

We understand that times have been tough. That's why we've created our new flexible payment plans to make taking this course a reality for you.

  • You decide how much to put down, and how much to pay each month.
  • No hassles - just setup the plan and your payments will be deducted automatically with a small administration fee.
  • If circumstances change, you can adjust your payment at any time — lower, if needed, or pay off the balance sooner, it's up to you!
  • As long as your payments are current and your account is in good standing, you can login to the eClass anytime.
  • There are no credit checks necessary. We will take you on your honor and your word that you will pay what you owe on time.
  • There's no price penalty for paying on a plan, like other institutes impose. You'll get the same great specials as everyone else.
  • It's easy to get started. Simply pick a date below and click the "Enroll via Payment Plan" link.

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  • "I can tell Michael cares about his students."
  • "This has been a life changing experience, well worth the investment."
    – Frawnna
  • "I'm so excited to use these wonderful tools to release limiting blocks and awaken limitless possibilities for myself and the people in my life. Thank you, Michael! – Carolee Merrill
  • "Very good presentation. Lots of personality!"
  • "Great attitude and fun! Well done!"
  • "Totally amazing. I can't wait to get out in the real world and use this stuff."
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About Your Trainer, Michael Stevenson MNLP, MTT, MHt

Michael is a best-selling author, business coach, success coach, and international speaker with impressive credentials and experience. He has helped nearly 200,000 people around the world learn to use the power of the mind to turn off the "autopilot," take hold of the controls, and create the life of their dreams.

Michael started Transform Destiny in the year 2000 with a deep passion for helping people transform their individual destinies, after transitioning from an unsatisfying field in computer programming.

Now, he heads Transform Destiny, the top NLP, hypnotherapy, and coaching training company in the world, and our trainers teach these valuable skills all over The United States of America, as well as other countries.

You can read more about Michael on his bio page.

Co-Star of the Documentary Movie
  • The Evolution of Success movie with Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale, Bob Doyle, and Others

  • Voted the second most influential person in the field of NLP in 2020 by the Global Gurus Organization

Author of the Books
  • Influence to Profit: Turning Words Into Wealth With Ethical Influence and Persuasion
  • UnStuck: The Owner's Manual for Success
  • The Power to Create Your Day... Now!
  • Quick Fix: NLP Recipes for Bliss
  • Best-Selling Book Learn Hypnosis... Now!
  • Certified Master Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Certified Master Trainer of TIME Techniques
  • Certified Master Practitioner of TIME Techniques
  • Certified Neuro-Linguistic Master Learning Specialist
  • Certified Neuro-Linguistic Learning Specialist Trainer
  • Certified Advanced Parts Therapy Specialist Certification
  • Certified Eye Movement Integration Practitioner
  • Certified Business Coach and Business Consultant
  • Certified Master Success Coach and Certified Trainer of Success Coaching
  • Certified Master Life Coach and Certified Trainer of Life Coaching
  • Certified Funnel Optimization Expert and Customer Value Optimization Expert
Board Certificatied Through
  • International Board of Coaches and Practitioners
  • International Association of Counselors and Therapists
  • International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association
  • American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Learning
  • International Hypnosis Federation
  • National Guild of Hypnotists
  • International Alliance of Professional Hypnotists
  • The Transform Destiny NLP Practitioner Training Program was voted globally as the top NLP Certification training program out of literally thousands of programs around the world by the Global Gurus Organization.
  • The Transform Destiny Company is also certified as an approved training institute by the International Board of Coaches and Practitioners and the International Hypnosis Federation.


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