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Let’s take a step back and think about the swine flu rationally.

Thursday, April 30th, 2009 : Read 201 Times

One person posted on facebook last night, “Swine Flu now a pandemic.”

The definition of a pandemic, according to wikipedia is, “an epidemic of infectious disease that spreads through populations across a large region.”

65 US cases of the flu out of 303M+ hardly seems to be epidemic. And it has to be epidemic before it can be pandemic, by definition.

Here’s Congressman Ron Paul – who is also a physician – spoke about this issue. Now I like Ron Paul’s case, but the argument can be made even more relevant. This took me less than ten minutes of research:

According to the CDCs own numbers, 200,000 people were infected by the flu in the US last year, and 35,000 died from it. That’s 547 people infected daily with 95 dying EACH DAY.

So far, we’ve got only 65 cases in the ENTIRE US over the period of a week or so, and only one death – an infant – which is unfortunately, tragically, normal for an influenza infection at that age.

And many of the 159 deaths reported in Mexico are attributed by guess only. They can’t confirm many of them, because they were buried or cremated before they could be tested. Only eight are actually confirmed by lab results. EIGHT! The media sure aren’t trumpeting that fact… it doesn’t net ratings like 159 does!

This is the SARS debacle all over again. This is the WHO and agencies like DHS flexing their muscles, just like they did back then.

It’s the medical equivalent of keeping the terror threat level at yellow for the last eight years.

It’s the flu, people. It might be a bit of a nasty flu, but it’s still the flu. I really think people need to calm down and think rationally about this.

Eat well, take your supplements, get sleep and wash you hands. That’s what most of the experts are saying. And most of all, stay positive. After all, your immune system is listening. 🙂

Update: This just in…

It’s possible you won’t choose to believe me or Congressman Paul. But how about the scientists? They don’t think it’s a big deal either, and they are predicting this outbreak won’t be any worse than your average winter flu season.

Stay empowered,

Mending a Broken Heart with Hypnosis... Literally

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009 : Read 340 Times

People are always surprised when I tell them I’m a hypnotist.

It starts with a twinkle in their eye, then a curiosity builds. Sometimes they put up their fingers in the sign of a cross and jokingly say, “Don’t look at me!”

But mostly, people wonder what the limits really are. Is it just for fun? Can it be used to hurt people? Isn’t it all just in your mind?

All good questions, but let’s look at the last.

The evidence for a mind-body connection has been conclusive for decades now.

Neuro-transmitter, the chemical that shuttles thoughts between your brain cells, has now been found communicating these “thought messages” to all cells. This means that your mind has the ability to speak to any organ in the body.

Deepak Chopra put it best in the late-eighties when he said, “The immune system is constantly eavesdropping on our internal dialogue.”

What this means is, that while hypnosis does start in the mind, your mind has the ability to communicate hypnotic suggestions to any cell in the body at a speed of over 200 MPH.

This was dramatically illustrated in two cases involving heart surgery for two teens, written up in the TIME Magazine article called, “The Hypnotized Heart.”

This article describes two surgeries, one with a thirteen year old girl, and the other with a 14 year old boy. Because of the delicate nature of the nerves that control breathing and heart rate, chemical anesthesia is always a danger. And in these two particular cases, the danger was even greater, due to the deteriorating health of the patients.

So, anesthesiologist Milton Marmer decided to use hypnosis.

Not only did both surgeries go well, Marmer had each teen open their eyes and communicate with doctors in the room while on heart bypass with an open ventricle during each operation.

Surprised? This certainly sounds like ground-breaking, cutting edge use of hypnosis, doesn’t it?

It’s not. The article was written in July of 1958.

The fact is, the average person hasn’t been made aware enough yet of the amazing ability of the human mind. And this ability is enhanced to nearly limitless degrees using hypnosis.

In the 1920s, the Mayo brothers performed more than 17,000 deep-abdominal surgeries using no anesthetic, whatsoever.

And, nearly 150 years ago in the 1860s, Esdaille used hypnosis to improve his morbidity rate for amputations from 80% down to just 10% – a feat totally unheard of at the time. Unfortunately, within a few years of his discovery, chemical anesthesia was invented, which was far easier and quicker to use, despite the chemical drawbacks.

The most important thing to remember in your life is that you and your mind are unlimited. You have to fix the realization in your mind that your mind and body are intimately connected and can influence each other on a level still not fully understood by modern science.

The more you believe in your ability to have, be and do what you want, the better results you will get in your life.


Michael Stevenson is a recognized expert in the field of human potential. He has been in the helping and healing profession for over a decade, and speaks routinely around the world. He is the founder of Transform Destiny who's trainers teach NLP, hypnotherapy, and empowerment all over the US and the world.

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