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My NLP, hypnosis and motivation quotes

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

Some people have been asking me to post some of my quotes in one place.  Here you go:

“Think of all the things you want in life.  All of your hopes, dreams and desires.  They are the cost of not stepping out of your comfort zone and not taking action.”

“Transformation begins not by waiting for the right circumstances, but my making commitments that create the right circumstances, right now.”

“Ships have heavy anchors that keep them stuck in one place. You have an anchor, too… it’s your index finger. And as long as it is pointing at someone else, you’re stuck.  Want to raise your anchor? Learn to be at Cause for everything in your own personal reality. Then you can sail anywhere.”

“The worst things in life are not those things that happen to you, but rather the things you never do. Excuse is the monster in Opportunity’s closet.”

“You get what you focus on, so focus on what you want.” (Not my quote, but everyone asks for this one)

“At the end of the day… guess what? You’re short one more day. Better get off your butt and do something that counts while you’ve got the chance!”

“Your obstacles to happiness, success and prosperity are simply projections of the limits you believe yourself to have. Powerfully shift your beliefs and the doorways of success will open for you, no key needed.”

“The only limits you have are those you’ve decided to believe. Learn to control your beliefs, or they will control you.”

“Intention + potential x action = change”

“(Intention + potential x action) x repetition = success”

“Now is not the time to worry about details, to fret about what-ifs or to learn that ‘just one more thing.’ Now is the time for action.”

“Nothing is more important right now than gaining total control over your emotions, your decisions, and your beliefs. Life after that will never be the same again.”

I’m sure there are more than that.  When I think of more, I’ll update the blog.  🙂

My Daily LoA Tip: How to NOT Live a Better Life

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Don’t ask the universe for “more,” “better,” or “greater,” because those comparisons focus on how much you have now.

If you really think about it, saying, “I’d like to make $50,000 more…” is like saying, “I’d like to make more than the $100,000 I make now.” By comparing, you have to focus on how much you’ve got now, thereby amplifying the attraction.

If you’re saying, “I want a better job/relationship/body/life,” you’re focusing on what you don’t want.

Instead of asking for X “more” dollars, figure out the total you want to make, and set that number your goal.

You’ll see immediate results when you stop comparing to what you don’t want…


PS – For more on this principle and how it works, both at the subconscious level, and with the Law of Attraction, check out my program Empowering Yourself… For a Change

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My Daily LoA Tip: The Seriousness of Being Not Serious

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Laugh your ass off, periodically. Look around you. Life is full of comedy.

People always say, “Someday, we’re gonna look back and laugh at this.” If there’s humor in it then, there’s humor in it NOW.

So STOP being so serious, and learn to laugh at it all.

It’s amazing how many obstacles simply disappear when you laugh.

To your success,

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My Daily LoA Tip: Obstacles into Opportunities

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Begin to see obstacles instead as opportunities.

Each obstacle is an opportunity to learn, exercise, grow and enrich yourself. They’re part of the journey. Learn to celebrate them, rather than damn them.

Without movement, you can’t be obstructed, so the very fact that you experience an obstacle means you are moving towards your goals.

Turn each obstacle into a learning and the Law of Attraction will reward you handsomely.

To your success,
Michael Stevenson

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Five Tips to Attract New Clients Like Moths to a Flame

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

When you talk to potential clients, do you find that it’s an uphill battle to convince them that YOU can help them change their lives these days?

Even though I don’t advertise (and haven’t for years), I still get a landslide of calls each month from people willing to pay me three- to four times the amount that other practitioners and coaches charge in my area.

I don’t say this to impress you, but to impress upon you the fact that YOU can also have prospects practically hunting you down and begging you to take them as clients.

Just imagine your phone ringing off the hook. On the other end of the line are rabid prospects hunting down any morsel of change they can scavenge.

By the time you finish this article, you’ll know what steps to take to run your own successful practice.

Five Red-Hot Tips to Attract New Clients

1. Pick a Niche and Dominate It
Trying to sell to “everybody” is a losing proposition. Sure, large companies like Pepsi and Google can afford to market to everyone, but unless you have a spare billion hiding in your sock drawer, you had better start smaller.

Successful marketers know that the best way to build a business is to have one message and to say it well. You must speak the language of your potential client and inspire them to buy.

Pick a niche that resonates with you. What is your passion? What excites you? That may answer the question of what niche to target.

Once you have a niche, find out what they know, what they love and what they crave, and the speak to it.

2. Become Part of the Niche Community
Marketing and business have changed immensely in the last decade.

It’s no longer just about bottom-line, growth and profit. More than ever before, it’s about connection.

These days, people are hanging onto their money more than ever. They’re simply not willing to give it away to strangers.

We consumers have been burned by strangers running anonymous, faceless corporations with mediocre products and services, too often.

To truly succeed in business today, you have to connect with people.

This means, participate in the niche. Become a part of the community.

Before the Internet, this took a lot of work, going to chambers of commerce, networking events, charity events and more.

Now, thanks to the internet, you can speak to multiple communities in a niche without ever leaving the comfort of your office chair.

Join niche-related bulletin boards, chat rooms and groups. Add people in your niche to your friends lists on your favorite social media sites. Attend local meetup groups and more.

The more you’re seen, the less of a stranger you become.

3. Give More Than You Sell
Surprise! The Internet has changed everything.

People are bombarded with so much free information, they often don’t know why they should pay for anything. People can now go on sites like and get hypnosis, coaching or advice “sessions” for just five bucks, so why pay hundreds?

The good news for you (and me) is that most of that stuff is total junk.

To really rise to the top in today’s business world, you must give. When your niche sees you giving things of high value, they will flock to your offerings over and over again.

The trick is to give without a catch. That’s right, give with no expectation of return. People these days can smell manipulation like a shark smells blood in the water.

The more you give, the more you’re known. The more you’re known, the more you’re trusted and people will be drawn to you.

4. Become a Celebrity
With all this recognition and trust comes an opportunity to take it to the next level.

Joe Vitale (The Secret, Attractor Factor, The Key, Buying Tranes, etc) created his success by embracing the idea of celebrity status. Many people now buy his products, simply because they’re from Joe.

Celebrities are people who are known and celebrated for their successes and contributions, and it’s easier to build celebrity status now than ever.

Start a blog, write a newsletter, build an active group or even a great Twitter feed. Record a regular podcast or vodcast, begin a review site, or collaborate on an independent movie. Write a magazine article, or write a book.

Even better, get a professional photo and video shoot to create the image that you are celebrity-worthy, attracting all kinds of other celebrity opportunities.

These are just some of the things you can do right now that will begin to build your status as a trustworthy, niche-worthy name.

5. Learn Basic Marketing and Business Skills
Finally, embrace the idea of marketing.

Many small business owners I know report that they “hate” marketing. If you hate marketing, then you hate business, because all business is marketing.

If you’re truly committed to making your business successful, then you must be committed to learning marketing.

While it may seem like a daunting task, you actually can learn these tools easily and effortlessly, in the right environment.

In my Inner Circle coaching program, I’ll take you step by step through everything you need to know to be successful as a therapist, coach and/or public speaker.

You’ll learn marketing, sales, tips for total success, how to make a website, how to write a book and more.

Visit right now to discover more and to enroll.

Believing all the best for you,

So, you can’t do what you REALLY want, huh?

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

If you think you have challenges, roadblocks or even limitations that hold you back, go watch the video of Nick Vujicic on YouTube and try in vain to feel as if ANY of those old perceptions are real.

Then take some action and make your life your own.

Go to to learn how to take control of your life and truly manifest what you want.

Listen to my talk show live on Thursday, May 7

Friday, May 1st, 2009

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The title of this show is, “Changing Your Thoughts for Automatic Success.”

Deep inside, you know that we are all unlimited and capable of anything. We are all born as whole individuals with no bad thoughts or limiting beliefs. We learn those on the path to growing up.

But we can unlearn those things that block us, as well, by changing our thoughts and focus. That’s the topic of this show, and I guarantee you’ll get some nuggets worth their weight in gold.

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The Law of Momentum – It’s not just for physicists

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

As a practicing hypnotherapist and coach, I often get clients who come to me and are totally eager to change. Believe me, those are some of my favorite clients, because I know they’re willing to go the extra mile. But, sometimes these clients are so eager, they sabotage themselves with TOO MUCH motivation.

Wait. Too much motivation? How can someone have too much motivation? “I thought motivation was a good thing,” you say.

Motivation is great. But there’s another thing we have to look at, and it’s called the Law of Momentum, and it can either help strengthen your motivation or completely destroy it.

The Law of Momentum simply states that incompletions drain your energy, while completions replenish it. I like to describe it like this:

Have you ever been eating dinner, and normally, you would wash the dishes after your meal, but this time you’re particularly stuffed, so you rinse them off a bit and stick them in the sink and say, “I’ll do them in the morning.” So, morning rolls around, and you have some breakfast. There’s some dishes in the sink that you know you should wash, but you’ve got to get to work. You should also wash the morning dishes, but you’re going to be doing dishes later anyway, so you pile them on. Dinner rolls around, and now that’s a pretty big pile, so you put it off until morning.

Pretty soon, the pile in the sink is so big that just looking at it makes you sigh. You don’t really feel like doing the dishes, because all the incompletions have built up to such a point that you don’t have the energy (defined however you like; mental, emotional, spiritual, etc) to do them. That’s how the Law of Momentum can work against you.

Well, sooner or later, you inevitably run out of silverware. You need a fork for dinner. So, as you’re washing the fork, you realize that you also need a knife. Oh, a plate would be good, too. Then you decide, why stop there, I’ll wash some dishes for breakfast in the morning. Before you know it, you’ve washed the entire sink in a fury, and you feel great. Completions replenish your energy, and with all the momentum building, you just couldn’t walk away from that sink until you did more and more. That’s how the Law of Momentum can work for you.

Of course, the law doesn’t only pertain to dishes, but also to exercise, projects, goals… every area of your life. The cool thing about the Law of Momentum is that, it doesn’t matter if the completion is big or small. Any completion begins to affect the momentum. With my coaching clients, I always have them start on something incredibly simple – even a token completion. It gets the ball rolling.

So, what does this all mean? Well oftentimes, I get clients who say, “I want to work out seven days a week!” When I ask them how much they work out now, they might ask if curling beers and donuts counts… in other words, “not at all.”

Well, seven days a week is very ambitious, and probably even good for you, if you’re already in shape. They might even stick to it for a few weeks.

But just imagine what happens when Aunt Georgina’s birthday comes around, and they have to skip the gym one night to go to her birthday party. Uh oh, that’s an incompletion! Maybe the next week, they find it even easier to skip another night – heck, they did last week, and that worked out ok. Then on another day, they’re a little tired, so they decide to skip again.

And then, as the momentum takes hold, the excuses begins to pile on:

“Well, I skipped some days this week, so I couldn’t possibly work out seven days now. I might as well take the rest of the week off, and I’ll start again next week. Everything will be back to normal.”

Sure it will.

One of the keys to successfully attaining your goals is to start small. Sure, make your goals lofty. Make yourself stretch. But don’t set up goals where the law of momentum will surely work against you!

For most clients who want to work out seven days a week, I suggest they make their goal to work out two days a week, twenty minutes per day, to start with. Of course, they can go more, if they feel like it. But everybody – even the busiest of us – can make it to the gym for forty minutes a week. That sets up successes, which are completions that replenish energy and make future successes even more likely. After a few weeks of completions, we can increase their goals with the assurance that the Law of Momentum is now working for them.

The trick is to manipulate events so you’re always getting completions – big ones if you can, but even little completions will do. You’ll achieve your goals easier and generally feel more fulfilled in life because of it.