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Why it’s imperative to be “at cause” in 2009

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009 : Read 996 Times : 786 words (Aprox 4 min read)

As a Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, people are always looking to me for advice about how to live your life to the fullest, and to have, be, and do what you want in life.

I’m always happy to share my ideas and philosophies, and people are always thankful to receive them.

In the past, my message was one of hope, and desire.

Now, it has become one of necessity...

The idea of “stability” that we have come to know has disappeared.

Our economy, based mostly on “confidence”and speculation, has crumbled. Our new leadership who promised change in their campaign, are now predicting more of the same, but worse.

Companies that never had layoffs are beginning to let people go by the dozens, hundreds, or even the thousands.

Last week, Microsoft let go of 500 employees, Home Depot shut down a division, the Caterpillar company laid off 20,000 employees. This is just the beginning.

If your idea of “playing it safe” in 2009 is to keep your head down, your nose to the grindstone, and hope to weather the storm at your current job, you’ve got it all backward.

We are moving into a new world mindset. This is not a mindset of career, places, and things, but a mindset of connection, empowerment and action.

In this new world mindset, what is important are the connections you have with people, the tools you have to empower yourself and others, and your ability to be decisive and take action.

Now more than ever, it is imperative for you to be “at Cause” in your life.

What does it mean to be at Cause?

It means taking responsibility for your life — for where you are now, and where you want to be.

It means that no matter what is coming in the future, you are ready, prepared, and willing to take action, have, be, and do what you must to make the most of each and every day.

So that no matter what happens in your life, there will be no reasons (no excuses). Only results.

While other people will be living unhappy lives and blaming it on their employers, the economy, the government, you have everything you need, everything you desire, and more.

If Microsoft, Home Depot, and Caterpillar — three very well-established companies — are laying off employees now, how long will it be before that your story?

It doesn’t have to be, if you’re willing to take action.

You need to disengage your autopilot and take control.

I am certain that NLP is the key to creating incredible connections, empowering yourself beyond any of your current beliefs, and being decisive in taking action, that it is my mission to change the world one person at a time.

That’s why I’m taking drastic measures.

Of all the obstacles (excuses) people give me for not making it to an NLP training, the two biggest are time and money.

That’s why in 2009 I have chosen to be “at cause”and created new opportunities for you.

If money is your obstacle to taking this life-changing training, we have a new payment plan that makes these trainings a reality for you.

Starting right now, just $400 down and $200 a month for 12 months gets you into NLP practitioner training immediately.

Most schools require you to pay in full before coming to the training. On our plan, simply making the down payment and staying on the payment plan gets you into any Practitioner training on the schedule, regardless of whether or not you have paid in full yet.

If, after seeing these astonishing new offers, you are still thinking that you don’t have the time or money, that’s exactly why you need these trainings. Those debilitating limiting beliefs are what are keeping you from having the time and/or money to do what you want.

After eliminating all of the mental obstacles that have been holding you back all these years, after developing your new money consciousness, and after developing the tools to start a new business as a practitioner in self-help, business, or education, you will have the tools to generate more money and more time in your life then ever before.

If you really want to be empowered, if you really want to be successful, if you really want to be happy in the coming months and years, call me.

I am an expert at helping people get over those obstacles and limiting beliefs, and I can help you.

You can read more about her trainings at www.transformdestiny.com, or call us on the phone at (800) 497-6614 toll-free, to discuss your new destiny.

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