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My Top Ten Solid Gold Tips for Making Money in Your Own NLP or Coaching Practice

The biggest thing I’m asked after people graduate an NLP or coaching classes is, “Now what?”

Just yesterday, in our new facebook group for Transform Destiny Grads, one person posted, “How do I get my first paying client?”

Easier said than done!  I’ve been in business 16 years now, and I’m still learning marketing, because the market always changes.

Learning the tools of the trade only gets you so far.  Without “butts in the seat,” there’s no money to be made.  You HAVE to learn to move people to action and sign up regardless of their excuses.

Here are my top ten Solid Gold tips for getting clients that will PAY you, REFER to you, and LOVE you:

1. People no longer want to spend money with strangers or faceless corporations.
You must CONNECT with people before they’ll even look at your product or service.

2. Give more than you sell.
With so many products and services inundating people (30,000 ads per day!) you really must give to get attention.

3. Give without expectation.
When you do give, don’t do it in exchange for contact info or the promise of reciprocation. Just give and enjoy the giving. The difference will be clear.

4. Charge what you can congruently ask for AND receive.
If you’re not confident asking for the price you’re charging, either get confident or lower the price. People will feel the energy of it.

5. Be confident in something.
If can’t be confident in yourself yet, be confident in the techniques you’re using. If you’re not confident in yourself, nobody else will be either.

6. Be an example of excellence, both in and out of your office.
People will want what you’ve got.

7. Walk your talk.
Use your tools on you first. If you’re not well, how can you help others be?

8. Be passionate.
Your energy will infect the client.

9. Learn marketing.
Even if you “hate” marketing, suck it up and learn. ALL business is marketing — it doesn’t matter what you’re selling.

10. Dedicate yourself to continual learning.
The market, and business, change at a fast pace. Be willing to learn all the time.

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