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How to Close More Sales and Put More Cash In Your Pocket with NLP

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Go to any sales training (I've been through a ton of them) and you will be inundated with the same old stuff.

The Ben Franklin close, the sharp angle close, the take-away, distraction techniques...

A lot of that stuff worked well in the 70s, 80s, and even the 90s, but today's audiences are more sophisticated, more cynical and less trusting today than ever before.

So how do we get through to people whose shields are always "up"?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Sales

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), sometimes called the "lost user manual of the mind," is the science of studying the mind for better success.

It helps us understand two perspectives of sales:

  1. Ninja sales tactics to influence and persuade your clients to buy at the subconscious level (where all buying decisions are actually made) [External NLP]
  2. Mental programming that elite sales people use to gain the mental edge, maintain powerful beliefs, stay positive to crush it and come in at the top consistently [Internal NLP]

After making a project of studying the strategies of top sales achievers (called modeling in NLP), a new model of sales was born that can help you close more sales.

Five Ways You Can Close More Sales with NLP

1. Create an Instantaneous Rapport with Your Clients

Bob Berg is famously known for saying that in order for clients to buy, they need to "know you, like you and trust you." We live in a low-trust world and, fairly or not, sales professionals have been painted in a negative light.

So how do we overcome the walls that clients put up around themselves?

The answer lies in a collection of neurons in the brain which tell us subconsciously whether someone is friend or foe.

The NLP principle of Rapport (modeled from famed expert in the subconscious mind, Milton H. Erickson) allows you to create a sense of "liking" for you in your client, almost instantaneously and completely out of their awareness.

Rapport is created on a subconscious level by creating similarities between you and the client. Rather than trying to find conscious similarities (hometown, alma mater, common associations), we create subconscious rapport using NLP by matching and mirroring the client.

You can match and mirror your clients’ body language, posture, facial expressions, vocal characteristics and more. Doing so activates “mirror neurons” in the brain that create an undeniable sense of liking.

With this sense of liking, your clients will naturally trust you more and sales becomes easier.

2. Using Subconscious Triggers that Make Your Clients Practically BEG for Your Product or Service

NLP teaches us that all buying decisions are made at the subconscious level.

Your conscious mind is in charge of logic and reason, but desire is generated at the subconscious level.

One of the most powerful ways to move people to a sale is to learn how to use subconscious triggers in language to build such a high desire for what you offer, they would practically sell a limb to get it.

You can do this by using language that paces and leads the client. Your language should pace (describe) the client in their current situation and then lead them, not only to the sale, but beyond it. The most powerful way to do this is with stories, called “metaphors” in NLP.

These subconscious influence skills can make you a ninja of sales.

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3. Overcoming Objections Easily

One of the toughest parts of sales is handling objections (let’s not even mention the feeling of rejection).

It can be very difficult to handle objections without seeming pushy and without sounding like you’re begging for the sale.

Reframing, simply described, is the art of “seeing the other side of things.” It gives you a way to easily change the clients’ mind about objections. Imagine after a few short words, your client sees the objection as a reason to actually buy, instead of not to buy.

The easiest way to get started with reframing is to write down the top 10 objections you get from clients, then ask yourself, “What is the possible upside to this objection, or what else could it mean.” Write those answers down and practice them.

For example, when we get people who say no to a product because they’re out of work, we say, “That’s awesome! You have the one thing that everyone else says they don’t have — time. When you go back to work, you may have more money, but when would you do our training? Now is the perfect time!”

This is a serious “Jedi mind trick” that will help you, not only close more sales, but also win practically every argument. In our NLP sales courses, I teach you how to do this kind of reframing, “on the fly,” so you don’t need to work out the answers beforehand, write them down and practice them. You’ll just be a natural.

4. Understand Buying Psychology to Get People to Say Yes

When Master NLP Practitioners modeled the top of the top sales pros, they found that one of the key differences between them and average sellers was that they were asking powerful questions rather than talking.

Instead of trying to sell the features and the benefits of the product or service, they spent time to find out the “buying psychology” of the client.

Buying decisions are made at the sixth layer of the mind — a layer which is highly subconscious and out of the awareness of the client, but which can be uncovered through conversation.

Some examples of questions we teach in our courses are:

  1. Can you remember a time when you bought something you really loved? Tell me about that.
  2. What will you FINALLY be able to do once [the issue] is handled?  How will that change your life?
  3. What are the top five reasons you know that you’re worth this and you deserve it?
  4. What will it mean for you to finally have this taken care of?

This is just a small sample. By knowing what to say to have the client express these unconscious influences, these peak performers were able to sell to the clients desires, rather than trying to make the client want a product. These questions are, by far, some of the most persuasive tools you can learn.

5. Having the Top Closing Techniques that Can Close Even the Hardest of Sales

NLP is a field which models success.

That means instead of teaching old sales closes that haven’t worked since the 50s, we study what works and always study the best.

This includes cutting-edge tactics, like the US Military Recruiters Sales Closes — closing scripts modeled from US military recruiters.

These recruiters are the “top of the top” sales pros who, when they close a sale, get people to give up their lives (figuratively, and sometimes literally) by convincing people to give up at least four years of their lives for the military.

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NLP: The Unfair Sales Advantage

This is just the tip of the iceberg. NLP offers many tools to help you, not only in business, but also in your life.


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