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Important notes about the recession from a hypnotist

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008 : Read 1,028 Times : 561 words (Aprox 3 min read)

“The recession.”

Those words are ominous, aren’t they?

It seems that every time an election comes up where it looks like the non-incumbent party will win, we are in a “recession.”

We had the Carter/Reagan recession. The Bush/Clinton recession. The Clinton/Bush recession. And now the Bush/???? “recession.” And each blames it on the other.

It’s all so politically convenient.

It’s all so damning.

But, who is it that decides that we’re recessing?

Who gets to make that call?

Who is the fortune teller, looking into their financial “crystal ball” to deal us our daily doom and gloom?

It’s The Media.

That lovely bunch of people who are so passionate about delivering us “the Truth.”

Those mega-corporations of broadcasting, so heavily invested in by those who benefit from keeping “the masses” in line with their main-stream thinking.

We, the masses.

Being in the self-help industry, I often talk to people about investing in themselves. People are so easily willing to invest in their car, their cable TV, their Starbucks, their cell phones, but often, not themselves.

One of the reasons that people give us for not investing in themselves lately is, “the Recession.”

So, we’ve started asking a very simple question in reply.

“Oh, really? How has the recession affected you?”

The answer is always the same.

“It hasn’t, really.”

While the economy of our country isn’t currently at its peak, we are by no means in a recession.

Yet, we hear about it everywhere.

At least, everywhere The Media has a microphone or camera.

And those who disagree aren’t given access.

You’ll hear people with political agendas like Warren Buffet say things like, “Although the current economic conditions may not meet the technical definition, by any common sense definition, we are in a recession.”

When did economy move from being based on facts and figures to “common sense?”

Common sense apparently tells us we’re in a recession when Dark Knight smashes all previous box office records.

Common sense apparently tells us we’re in a recession when the iPhone – a $200 product even at the upgrade price – is flying off the shelf and selling one million units in the first week.

Common sense apparently tells us we’re in a recession when new TV purchases are up 28% in 2Q 2008 – a total of 9.3 million units.

But common sense is the last thing The Media – and those who fund it – want you to have.

See, the more common sense you have, the harder it is to influence and persuade you.

The Media wants to be your common sense.

And in order to do that, they – and those who fund them – need us in a constant state of panic. Fight or flight.

If you’re not taking what The Media tell you with a healthy grain of salt, you are being hypnotized.

The most precious thing that can be taken from us as a society is our own ability to think freely.

Yes, it is easy to delegate all our critical thought and opinion to others. After all, we are busy people. They are the “experts.”

But watch out. Easy can be dangerous.

Educate yourself. Think for yourself. Be proud to be yourself.

That’s what America’s all about.


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