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How The Internet Makes You an Agent of Change

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 : Read 239 Times

You might think there’s nothing that you can do about things like the economy, war, poverty and other global issues that are put in front of us daily. As you go to work and go about those daily things you have always been doing, those things you need to do, you need to know that you have a voice.

Men and women alike are beginning to find their voice, all around the world, creating a link between all people, everywhere.

People ask me how to be heard, and I say, “You already have an incredibly powerful voice to the world.”

Your intentions are your power. This ability to manifest is unlimited. Just put your mind to it, and the universe will read your intention and provide for you. This is certain...

Theres no limit to what you can attract. I’ve helped people “ask, believe and receive,” for over a decade now, and to me, it’s the thing I’ve loved the most out of all my adventures, and I feel very passionately about your ability to manifest great things.

You have an even greater voice now, thanks to the internet and my intention is to see you use it to transform the world!

Even as you choose what to post on your facebook and Instagram, you have an influence on how others will perceive themselves and their day. My intention, with my blog, with social media and with my website, is to spread joy, and the internet gives us the power to spread joy everywhere.

People used to stand by the corner, holding a sign up in the air to influence others, but your ability to be the creator for an amazing change of global momentum online is your right and privilege now.

Of course, by now you know that it’s your choice to decide to transform the destiny of others, like me. But if you have that choice, why not take it?

For those of you who’ve attended my trainings, especially, I’m calling on to you to make your online presence known and to use this massive global megaphone called the internet to spread joy and gratitude everywhere.

It’s no longer an option to hide behind anonymity or notions of being small. We’re all connected. We are all powerful. We all have the influence. Lets transform the world!

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