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A Homeless Man Sleeps in the Back of a Denny's Restaurant...

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020 : Read 2,867 Times : 418 words (Aprox 2 min read)

Most people assume he's a dirty menace. He's kicked out in the middle of the night because he doesn't have enough money for a cup of coffee.

They don't realize the impossible downward spiral he's stuck in that put him there. They don't know that, even though he is homeless, he cleans and grooms himself every day in a locked Del Taco bathroom and washes his clothes at the laundromat with the precious little money he has to keep his sanity so he doesn't slip down the rabbit hole of becoming a "bum." They don't realize the support of his family and friends has run out (or at least he thinks it has).

They don't know him and they don't want to. Would you want to know him?

They look on him with disdain, as if his usefulness in this world has passed. They're sure he's trouble and that there's probably some sinister drug or alcohol problem at cause, instead of the actual problem that put him there: a total and complete lack of self-worth.

They don't trust him. They don't want him. He is dead to the world.

That Man Was Me...

You now know me as the founder of Transform Destiny and Influence to Profit, a man who has helped nearly 200,000 people over a 20 year career. But at 19 years old I spent over six months homeless – a great majority of that time sleeping in cars (one of the actual cars is pictured above), in the backs of restaurants, and on a park bench in the neighborhood of Tustin Meadows in Tustin, California, USA.

Some friends I still have to this day knew me in that time, and knew who I was under all that pain. Most just saw a homeless guy they didn't know... and didn't want to know.

Don't ever assume that what another person is going through is who they are. Don't ever assume you know what another person is capable of or meant for by their current circumstances.

Compassion is something you can pay that never gets depleted. It is because of the compassion of a very few who are dear to me that I survived that period of my life, that I am the man I am today, and that I'm able to help so many others find their self worth, to find their voice, and for them to find people they can influence and inspire.

Thank you for believing.



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