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List of Predicate Phrases in NLP

Visual Auditory Kinesthetic
An eyeful.
Appears to me.
Beyond a shadow of a doubt.
Bird's eye view.
Catch a glimpse of.
Clear cut.
Dim view.
Flashed on.
Get a perspective on.
Get a scope on.
Hazy Idea.
Horse of a different color.
In light of.
In person.
In view of.
Looks like.
Make a scene.
Mental image.
Mental picture.
Mind's eye.
Naked eye.
Paint a picture.
See to it.
Short sighted.
Showing off.
Sight for sore eyes.
Staring off into space.
Take a peek.
Tunnel vision.
Under your nose.
Up front.
Well defined
Clear as a bell.
Clearly expressed.
Call on.
Describe in detail.
Give an account of.
Give me your ear.
Grant an audience.
Heard voices.
Hidden message.
Hold your tongue.
Idle talk.
Inquire into.
Keynote speaker.
Loud and clear.
Manner of speaking.
Pay attention to.
Power of speech.
Purrs like a kitten.
State your purpose.
To tell the truth.
Tuned in/tuned out.
Unheard of.
Voiced an opinion.
Well informed.
Within hearing.
Word for word.
All washed up.
Boils down to.
Chip off the old block.
Come to grips with.
Control yourself.
Firm foundations.
Get a handle on.
Get a load of this.
Get in touch with.
Get the drift of.
Get your goat.
Hand in hand.
Hang in there.
Heated argument.
Hold it!.
Hold on!.
Keep your shirt on.
Lay cards on table.
Pain-in the neck.
Pull some strings.
Sharp as a tack.
Slipped my mind.
Smooth operator.
Start from scratch.
Stiff upper lip.
Stuffed shirt.
Too much of a hassle.
If I could SHOW you an ATTRACTIVE way in which you could (potential benefit or their values), you would at least want to LOOK at it, wouldn't you?
If this LOOKS GOOD, to you we will go ahead and FOCUS on getting the paperwork in.
If I could TELL you a way in which you could (potential benefit or their values), you would at least want to HEAR about it, wouldn't you?
If this SOUNDS GOOD, to you we will go ahead and DISCUSS how to set up an account.
If I could help you GET A HOLD OF a CONCRETE way in which you could (potential benefit or their values), you would at least want to GET A FEEL FOR IT, wouldn't you?
If this FEELS GOOD, to you we will go ahead & set up an account by HANDLING THE PAPERWORK.
Visual Auditory Kinesthetic


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