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NLP Representational System Preference Test

A major NLP discovery is that people process the world in mostly one or more primary senses.

You've probably heard people say things like "I see what you mean," or "I hear you." These are not just cute euphemisms, but insights into how that person's mind is working.

Once you know someone's primary representational system, you can speak in a way that's pleasing to- and gains rapport with their unconscious mind.

Learn your own primary representational system by answering each of the following statements. Place a number next to every phrase. Use the following system to indicate your preferences:

4 = Closest to describing you
3 = Next best description
2 = Next least descriptive
1 = Least descriptive of you

1. I make important decisions based on:
gut level feelings
which way sounds the best
what looks best to me
precise review and study of the issues
2. During an argument, I am most likely to be influenced by:
the other person’s tone of voice
whether or not I can see the other person’s point of view
the logic of the other person’s argument
whether or not I am in touch with the other person’s true feelings
3. I most easily communicate what is going on with me by:
the way I dress and look
the feelings I share
the words I choose
my tone of voice
4. It is easiest for me to:
find the ideal volume and tuning on a stereo system
select the most intellectually relevant point in an interesting subject
select the most comfortable furniture
select rich, attractive color combinations
5. Select the most accurate:
I am very attuned to the sounds of my surroundings
I am very adept at making sense of new facts and data
I am very sensitive to the way articles of clothing feel on my body
I have a strong response to colors and to the way a room looks

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