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NLP Overlapping Representational Systems Script

When a person has trouble accessing a representational system, they are limited in the way they recall memories, assign meaning and interact with the world. The problem often results from trauma, but can also be a result of an underdeveloped representational system. This technique will help them in developing access to that system. You should first run the eye tracking test on page 2.

  1. Identify the underrepresented modality
    For example, if someone were unable to access pictures in their mind (created or remembered), but wanted to be able to do visualization exercises or just wanted to be able to make pictures, we would work on the Visual representational system.
  2. Begin with the favored representational system
    Begin helping the client to create strong I/Rs in their preferred system. For example:
    Just imagine yourself in a wonderfully majestic forest…
    1. Visual: You can see the leaves gently moving in the breeze as the moon begins rising above the trees in the distance.  You see a small brook nearby, and the water twists lazily through its random course.
    2. Auditory: You can hear the wind blowing through the big leaves on the full trees, hear the crickets in the background, and hear a babbling brook lazily drifting by in the distance.
    3. Kinesthetic: You can feel the gentle wind blowing, feeling the soft ground beneath your feet, and being in this forest makes you feel so peaceful.
  3. Then overlap to the underrepresented system
    1. Visual to Auditory: And as you see these things, you can begin to hear the gentle rustling of the leaves in the trees that surround you.
    2. Kinesthetic to Visual: And as you feel those things, you begin noticing the rich color of the leaves on all trees around you.
    3. Auditory to Kinesthetic: And as you hear those sounds around, you begin to feel a sense of calm as it envelops you in the warm, gentle breeze.
  4. Test
    Think of a happy memory from your past, and describe to me what it (looked/sounded/felt) like.
  5. Future Pace
    As you think about your future, think of a time when having access to this part of your mind will help you be successful. Describe that to me.

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