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Prime Directives of the Unconscious Mind

Your unconscious mind is the part of you that operates outside of your consciousness. It has certain rules or "Prime Directives" that it abides by (most important are highlighted):

  1. Stores memories
    Temporal (in relationship to time)
    Atemporal (not in relationship to time)
  2. Is the domain of the emotions
  3. Organizes all your memories
    Uses the Time Line. Mechanics is the Gestalt
  4. Represses memories with unresolved negative emotion
  5. Presents repressed memories for resolution.
    Presents them to make rational and to release emotions
  6. May keep the repressed emotions repressed for protection
  7. Runs the body
    Has a blueprint:
    of body now
    of perfect health (in the Higher Self)
  8. Preserves the body
    Maintain the integrity of the body
  9. Is a highly moral being (the morality you were taught and accepted)
  10. Enjoys serving, needs clear orders to follow
  11. Controls and maintain all perceptions
    Receives and transmits perceptions to the conscious mind
  12. Generates, stores, distributes and transmits “energy”
  13. Maintains instincts and generate habits
  14. Needs repetition until a habit is installed
  15. Is programmed to continually seek more and more
    There is always more to discover
  16. Functions best as a whole integrated unit
    Does not need parts to function
  17. Is symbolic
    Uses and responds to symbols
  18. Takes everything personally. (The basis of Perception is Projection)
  19. Works on the principle of least effort
    Path of least resistance
  20. Does not process negatives

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