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Our whole team works remotely, so they do not need to live in any particular city. The Live Event Team (NLP Trainers and Live Event Managers) do need to be in Northern America.


Do you love to travel?

Do you love NLP, Hypnotherapy, and Personal Development, and you would love to spend your time around others who have the same love of personal growth as you do?

Does the idea of meeting new people from all over the United States and watching them grow as they attend our live trainings really get you excited?

Are you the kind of person that loves talking about NLP or Personal Growth in general, your personal experience, and helping others decide to get get into the field themselves?

Well, if your dream job is traveling for a living (expenses paid of course) and spending your time at live NLP and Hypnotherapy events with the most amazing staff and students, then we should talk.  :)

Transform Destiny is growing like crazy, and we are in need of a new team member to join our Training Team as an NLP Trainer!

The position:

  • The NLP Trainer's main duty is to lead trainings during our live events. After completing our Transform Destiny training, you will be in charge training, managing and directing live NLP trainings all across the country. This also includes collecting and uploading forms, answering questions from the students in the class on the content, and selling the students on the next level of training (like NLP Practitioner Certification Training.)
  • Requires a positive attitude, an excitement to learn new things and new technologies, the ability to go with the flow and find solutions to problems, and a love of talking with people.
  • Will be mostly on the road. There will be a little bit of work to do from home (like following up with students and possibly some personal NLP and Hypnotherapy sessions) but the majority of your work time will be on the road and over the weekends.
  • All major holiday weekends will definitely be off! And you can plan to have at least one weekend off each month.
  • Will have a base pay but most of the money earned will come from commissions from sales made at the events.
  • Allows you to work with a super fun team and an awesome company! We literally have the most amazing team.

Things we love about you:

  • You are already a Certified NLP Master Practitioner or Certified NLP Trainer.
    (We are open to the idea of someone who is not yet certified and excited to learn, if you are the perfect fit.)
  • You are confident and comfortable talking about and selling NLP, or Personal Development in general if you are not yet familiar with NLP.
  • You genuinely care to show up like a pro. You take ownership, accountability and responsibility everyday. You show integrity and being ethical is a high value of yours.
  • You love the idea of using your NLP skills and getting creative to help students find the shifts and solutions to "problems" they want to overcome in the class.
  • You love making good money, but you love people more, and you would never push someone too hard on a sale that isn't an appropriate fit for them.
  • You are trustworthy to the point where you are well beyond needing to be micro-managed. You are the kind of person that will happily go the extra mile without being asked.
  • You love the idea of growing with a fast-growing company, and would love to build a long term career working with us for many, many years to come as a key team member.
  • You love surprise gifts, being told how much you are appreciated, and look forward to continual personal and professional growth.  :)

If we are speaking to your soul, and you know that this is where you would love to build a long-term career, then email Carol and Kayla at with the subject line "I am your NLP Trainer!" and include the following:

  1. Your resume.
  2. Your desired income with this position, and any experience you may have that would help you be excellent in this position.
  3. Tell us about your experience with NLP, Hypnotherapy, and/or Personal Development.
  4. Explain a bit about your journey to get here and why this is the perfect time for you to join our team.
  5. How would you rate your people skills on a scale from 1-10? Is this something that others have noticed in you as well? Is it something that you enjoy or are you great at it out of necessity? Do you have any experience doing sales?
  6. Do you have a flexible schedule that will allow you to spend time on the road away from home? How close do you live to a major international airport? 
  7. Looking at the description above, what other important information would you like to include? Personality traits, previous experience, etc.
  8. Which of the following sentences describes you best? Please elaborate, or say your thoughts in your own words if none of these fit
  1. My dream is to own my own business someday and this seems like a great jumping off point to get some experience and confidence to launch my own brand.
  2. I love the idea of building a long-term career with an established company, doing what I love, loving what I do, feeling appreciated, and making a great, steady income.
  3. I have a part-time business, but I am struggling to make enough to support my needs, and this seems like a great fit to supplement my income while I grow!
  4. I eventually want to grow into the position as a _______ with Transform Destiny and starting off as an NLP Trainer seems like the perfect place to get my foot in the door!

We are looking forward to hearing from you! Please allow some time for a response. We will be taking our time to find the perfect fit but plan to fill this position by the end of May.

About Transform Destiny:

We are a fast growing personal development and certification training company with an amazing 100% remote team.

Our mission is to transform the world, one person at a time, and we pride ourselves in offering the best NLP training experience that anyone could offer!

It's not often that the opportunity comes along to work with a company where you get to define your role and grow with that company as an important, key team member. If this appeals to you, then follow the instructions to apply today.