NLP Graduates from Transform Destiny
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Transform Destiny Graduates

Transform Destiny produces more practicing therapists, coaches and trainers than most any other institute because we provide you with the knowledge, tools, material and support to be confident in your abilities and practice what you learn.

Here Are Just a Few of Our Practicing Graduates:

  • Ronald Berg - Breakthrough Unlimited
    "I have taken many trainings during my career. Michael's trainings have consistently been the best ones I have ever taken and delivered more than was promised. His devotion to the students and the quality of his instruction is the gold standard by which all other trainers should strive to meet." -Ron
  • Alanna Levenson -
    "When I did research on all the NLP and Hypnosis programs out there, I had no idea I would find one so perfect for me. Michael's format, class structure and way of explaining these scientific and technical tools, made it easy and fun! I immediately felt comfortable using the techniques with clients and started having success with them right away. It's also nice to have someone out there that supports you and encourages you to be the best at what you do." -Alanna
  • Cesar Vargas -
    "Michael is at the cutting-edge of NLP Trainings, and is continually honing his skills in both formal trainings and his everyday life, which makes his one of the freshest, most up-to-date, and most relevant trainings I've taken. He makes the complicated easy to grasp, and brings it to a level where everyone can see what needs to be done to achieve sound results with NLP." -Cesar
  • Rudyard Moncayo - UFC competitor and MMA pioneer
    "I cannot say enough good thing about about Michael Stevenson. Being a retired athlete, I know how important it is to have a good coach in my corner. Well, Michael isn't a good coach, he's a great one. His highly interactive program at Transform Destiny delivers the structure and impact that equips individuals with solid techniques and skills that can be applied immediately to both your personal and professional life. I know this because I spent two life changing weeks taking his NLP class.

    "I normally don't make recommendations, although in this case, I will, because of the impact he has had on me. I have personally and professionally been inspired by Michael Stevenson... I just wish I would have had him as one of my coaches when I was competing." -Rudyard
  • Lia Dunlap -
    "I have enjoyed my experience with Transform Destiny.  The training received both in person & online has been helpful not only for me personally but for my own practice, as I continue to hone my skills as a Life Coach & Hypnotherapist.  Michael is always quick to respond to questions or concerns.  I have and will continue to recommend Transform Destiny." -Lia
  • Eugene Hoang -
    "Michael, you are inspirational! This is evident in your passion to train, your compassion to help and support others, thus you inspire others and me. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this awesome journey... You don’t even know how much it has changed my life and helped me to become a better person, man, and human being." -Eugene
  • Matt Brauning -
    "Within 30 days of finishing Trainer's Training I was able to speak in front of 400 people internationally, and sold $23,000 in my own seminars in just one hour. I have continued since with Michael's Master Trainer Development Program. With his mentorship and materials, I now run a seminar company doing seminars nearly every weekend. We are on target to break $1,000,000 in revenue by next year! Thank you Michael!" -Matthew Brauning, Evolution Seminars
  • Johnnie Marie McClelland-Urban -
    "Have you ever made a decision that was so life changing that you can't imagine living your life any other way? From my very first Hypnosis training all the way through Trainers Training, Michael guided all of us to achieve excellence in our learnings. Michael is
    like a professor that loves you and wants to see the best in his students. Using the tools and skills that I learned from Michael I am now living my passion of teaching woman how to create an amazing body so they can enjoy abundant energy, unlimited confidence and live a vibrant life. Thank you Michael, I look forward to attending future trainings." -Johnnie
  • Mica Monet -
    "I loved the Hypnotherapy class with Michael. He is a wonderful entertaining teacher. I enjoyed the hands on practicing what we learned during the class. I would recommend it to anyone."
    -Mica, Hypnotherapist, Angel Therapist, Spiritual Counselor
  • Angela Lord -
    "Training with Transform Destiny has been far more than just learning remarkable and astonishingly effective tools in getting breakthrough results for myself and with my clients -- Michael and his staff see you as your highest potential and purpose, and they are excellent at doing everything in and out of their power to help you reach it.  I have never felt as supported, as encouraged, as inspired in any other course of learning as I have with Transform Destiny." -Angela
  • Jack Grisham -
    "Michael's course was invaluable to me—and I didn't even know what I was getting into at first. I started out taking the practitioners class just for kicks, and then after being transformed by Michael's teachings, I stayed all the way through Master Practitioners. It was amazing. I was able to release fears and phobias that I'd held on to since childhood, and I gained a clarity and focus that I'd never thought I'd have. Ask yourself, "What do I want, and how can I have it?" -Jack
  • Kumi Ritchey -
    "My whole journey to NLP and Hypnotherapy with Transform Destiny has been amazing. Michael is an excellent teacher and I felt that I absorbed the information easily and effortlessly. If you are interested in NLP and Hypnotherapy, I highly recommend Transform Destiny." -Kumi
  • Leticia Montiel -
    "I have been to several trainings and learned from several teachers. Michael has surpassed every expectation. Quality, integrity and an overwhelming generosity is always present. Thank you!" -Leticia
  • Kristin Subryan -
    "Transform Destiny, oh so very à propos - My life/career has changed so drastically since my last class. Immediately after attending, I have found direction and meaning to my life and my career. I have always known I would be helping others but I never dreamed that I could help others to the depth I have. I believe Transform Destiny is above all others in this field. I have and will recommend Transform Destiny to all of those who wish to reach out to others in a capacity that will change lives. Thank you Michael for all you have worked to hard for, and to share your knowledge with others. Transform Destiny has been a true blessing in my life." -Kristin Subryan, Revéil - a life unlimited
  • Lilian Eden -
    "My standards are very high for myself and for my clients. I looked into Transform Destiny and did not regret my decision. It was absolutely what I was looking for in terms of adding amazing additional insight to my already existing background in Past-Life Therapy. I am able to widen my scope prepared to meet clients needs. I would highly recommend taking a course (or more!) through Transform Destiny where you will not only receive professional training, but will find a source you can always rely upon at anytime. Thank you Michael Stevenson!" -Lilian
  • Gilda Martindelcampo -
    "It is my pleasure to let you know that I really enjoyed and received value from the Hypnosis class that I took from you. It was easy and very complete. I would recommend it to anyone that needs to brush up as was my case or starting on a new path." -Gilda
  • Virgil Anderson -
    "The team at Transform Destiny really know their stuff.  I've studied with trainers all across the country and the trainings at Transform Destiny are among the best.  Transform Destiny takes a complicated subject and makes it approachable without losing the important details that make the tools so effective.  Highly recommended." -Michael
  • John Benitez -
    "Transform Destiny does just that, helps you transform your destiny to one of success and happiness, it has for me. Thank you so much!" -John
  • Jason West - MetaShifts
    "Since I started with Transform Destiny, my life has changed in a dramatic and much happier direction. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Transform Destiny is an excellent launching point." -Jason
  • Forrest Lamb -
    "I had the incredible opportunity to receive my hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching training with Michael and Transform Destiny. I found that the training was clear, concise, educational and experiential; it really gave me all that I needed, a terrific foundation to start my career as a therapist. Thanks so much, Michael, I am incredibly grateful for all your efforts!" -Forrest
  • Mark Allen -
    "Transform Destiny has inspired me to change my life and the way I view the world around me in so many wonderful ways, AND has also allowed me to make a positive difference in others that I know and encounter.  I look forward daily to this new found knowledge that I've acquired from Michael, and how it will unfold and influence me and those around me." -Mark
  • Wanda Marie -
    "Michael is AWESOME. His knowledge expands far beyond most teachers and leaders in Hypnotherapy and NLP. He goes far beyond the call of duty and gives you more than you could ever expect to pay for. He is my hero and I am honored to know this incredible healer." -Wanda
  • Heather Rivera -
    "I am a PhD student and currently working on my dissertation. I needed a good foundation in the area of Hypnotherapy and found Michael's training on the internet. I was very impressed with the format, the amount of information, and the practical application we received. Michael is a dynamic teacher and his method of teaching ensures the information stays with you. Not only was the training useful for my research but I also have been able to apply the hypnotherapy techniques with family and friends." Heather S. Rivera RN JD
  • Lisa Marie Potts -
    "I was lead to Transform Destiny by one of Michaels' Graduates I have to say I had no idea of the journey it would take me. Coming from a 5 Star service industry I was amazed at the lengths Michael is willing to go in order for his students to understand the details of this intriguing subject of Hypnosis and NLP. He has a way of opening your mind to great understanding. I've thoroughly enjoyed each class I've taken and look forward to ongoing participation with Transform Destiny!" -Lisa Marie
  • Suzan Gole -
    "Michael is a dynamic empowering speaker. You can just see feel and hear his passion for both NLP and transforming the destiny's of each and every student. His teachings have been life changing for me and has opened me up to infinite possibilities. Did I mention Michael gives the best bonuses!" -Suzan Gole
  • Karen Cramer, CAS -
    "In the two workshops that I attended with Michael at Transform Destiny I have gotten to the root of more issues from my childhood than in years of therapy. I use quite a few of his techniques in my own practice working with teens who have substance abuse and behavioral issues." -Karen, founder of The Hope Institute Center for Recovery and Family Education
  • Brandon Moreno -
    "Transform Destiny is THE leader in NLP and hypnosis training! Michael's teachings will unlock the mysteries of the mind, leaving you with learnings that will last a lifetime. No matter what your profession is, you want to experience proven techniques, or simply want a transformation that touches all areas of your life, you cannot not pass up an opportunity to experience profound shifts." -Brandon Moreno, Trainer, Speaker, Success Coach and President ofIntegrative Leadership Group
  • Graziela Rodrigues -
    "When I was introduced to NLP, I automatically fell in love with it. After attending a few workshops and going though some major transformations, I decided to get certified so I could share my experiences and the tools with others. NLP has changed my life and helped me to find my true calling in life. Michael made it possible with his reasonable prices and amazing trainings. Michael has also provided me more than just certification classes — he has always welcomed me to experience new workshops and explore new ways to improve my skills. He is more than a instructor, he is a given man and wonderful friend to have around." -Grazi
  • Chris Rodriguez -
  • Eric Phillips -
  • Dan Nguyen -
  • Craig O'Keefe -
  • Anne Bauerlein -
  • Dr. Vijay Shah
  • Robert Luna
  • Melanie Sargent -
  • Ed Rupert - www.CIAHypnosis.US
  • Jeanne Munsell -
  • Jennifer MacDonald -
  • Ali Grace -
  • Tara Igoe -
  • Tim Tarango -
  • Carlos Marquez -
  • Franck Lavoisier -
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