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NLP Six Step Reframe

The Six-Step Reframe is no longer used, having been replaced by Parts Integration. It is included for historical purposes only. The purpose of a 6-Step Reframe is to find the benefits behind any behavior and install new ways to achieve those benefits more elegantly.

  • Rapport
  • Identify Behavior
  • Stack Bail out Anchor

Instruct client on types of signals — in images, sounds/words, sensations — those are the kinds of communication we are setting up. Reframing can be used with any behavior, internal or external, or any symptom.

  1. Identify behavior that the client wants more choices about.
  2. Client asks the part in charge of behavior X if it's willing to communicate. Get a Yes/No signal. (What image, sound/word, sensation was client aware of when asking that question. Ask the part to increase that image, sound, sensation if answer is yes; decrease if answer is no.) If yes, thank part and go on. If no, thank part for communicating and reassure part that it is entirely understandable that it does not want communicate on a conscious level. Reassure part that it is in charge of behavior X and in no way are you trying to get rid of it nor would you allow client to attempt to do so — we are only trying to get some information and alignment.
  3. Ask part what purpose or function it has — what is its positive intention. (The Part can answer consciously or unconsciously. Client must accept that the part does have some positive intention.) To help person elicit this ask them to imagine what it might be — purpose here is to separate behavior from intention or function and to get client's conscious mind to begin to appreciate that part as friend and/or teacher.
    Thank part for positive intention and make sure client begins to sincerely appreciate part.
  4. Ask client to go to creative unconscious part, and ask that it generate at least 3 alternatives to behavior X that would satisfy intention — accomplish the purpose of behavior X (you can also have the part responsible for behavior X go to the creative part directly to inform that part what its purpose is — that is useful especially when purpose remains unconscious). These new choices can be on a conscious level —ask creative part to give client signal when it has generated these new alternatives.
    Thank creative part.
  5. Ask the part responsible for behavior X whether it's willing to use these alternative choices instead of behavior X. Yes/No signal. If yes, thank part and go on. If no, put time limit on request (e.g., 2 weeks, etc.) to try out some alternatives to find out if they are effective and available. If still no, ask part to go back to creative part and help generate alternatives it would be willing to try out for at least a limited time.
    Thank part.
  6. Ecological check. Ask client to check with all their parts to make sure all are comfortable and accept the entire process and the alternatives. If yes, thank all parts and surprise and delight self in future. If no, check on how client knows this, how this represents an objection — then ask the image, sound, sensation, and increase if needed. Reassure client any objection is important information and is welcome. If there is an objection, go back to step #3 and go through process with part that objects - making sure that the objecting part and the part that runs behavior X agree on all the alternatives and can work together. Treat parts of a person as though they were all parts of a negotiating team. It is important that each member's function and purpose be respected and paid attention to. Cycle back through process until you get full acceptance for any alternative behaviors from all parts involved.
    Thank all parts.

NOTE: The main purpose of a 6 Step Reframe is to establish — set up —bridges (channels of communication) between client's unconscious and conscious mind, even between parts of the person's unconscious and to install in the person a belief that all parts are allies — potential teachers and friends.

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