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Kayla Stevenson, Bio

Hi, my name is Kayla Stevenson and I'm the co-owner of Transform Destiny with my husband, Michael Stevenson. I am a best-selling author, a Certified NLP Practitioner, and my role at Transform Destiny and Influence to Profit is Chief Operations Officer.

While I grew up under meager circumstances in the suburbs of Salt Lake City, I always felt like I was destined for something big.

After setting out on my own at 17 years old, I started my entrepreneurship at just 19 years old, opening perfume distributorships in Salt Lake City, Montclaire, and San Franciso.

Michael and I are passionate about transforming the world and we help over 10,000 people each year through Transform Destiny and our other companies.

I oversee operations and our teams at Transform Destiny and Influence to Profit and make sure everything runs smoothly.