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Glen Depke, NLPT, MHt, MTT Bio

Glen Depke is a Traditional Naturopath (natural doctor) by trade and an entrepreneur at the core. He started his own businesses at a young age, whether this was lemonade stands, mowing lawns or shoveling snow. At 15 years old he had his first subcontracting job as a caddy at a local private country club.

Since his younger years, Glen has owned five restaurants and then went back to school to follow his passion in the natural health field.
Glen has owned and operated a successful wellness since 2001, leasing and subletting offices through the years and also manages a very successful online business. Through his website, Glen generates passive income while benefiting other based on supplement needs, online programs and so much more.

Glen also subcontracts with multiple different companies as a consultant, educator, and trainer.

To add to this, Glen is also Adjunct faculty with Hawthorn University, where he also adds his skills as a speaker and educator.

And on top of this, he is a best-selling author and has authored two other paperback books and an audio book as well.
Yet with Glen’s background in business, educating, training and other areas mentioned, perhaps his biggest asset is the deep passion to help others, whether this is with health, business, or life!

Glen loves to connect, teach, and inspire!

And you’ll see this firsthand with your next Influence to Profits training program.