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Adrianna Macgregor, Bio

Adrianna joined Transform Destiny and Influence to Profit in 2020 as the Customer Service Manager.  Born and raised in California, she has a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management that was put to use with years in the luxury travel industry. A constant throughout her life has been the gift of organization.

A list checker, spreadsheet maker and logical thinker, she revels in making spaces more functional, clean, and comfortable. She has always been considered the "mama bear" of her group and has a passion for helping people organize their lives because she believes it is the pathway to living your best life!

After years of working in hospitality that includes hotels, wineries, and event planning, she has brought her attention to detail, understanding, compassion, and organization to this role. When not working you can find her practicing yoga (she is a certified teacher!), traveling, hiking, reading, and cooking for her friends and family.