Group Hypnosis Specialty Certification - Learn to hypnotize groups of people for weight-loss and smoking in this hands-on five hour specialty certification training
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"Why See Clients One-On-One when You can See Dozens or Hundreds At Once?!"

Learn to Conduct Group Hypnosis Seminars for Weight-Loss, Smoking and More in this One-Day Weekend Workshop, Which Includes a Specialty Certification in Group Hypnosis!

You'll be hypnotizing groups of people easily and effortlessly with these proven group hypnosis techniques and materials.

Imagine standing in front of a room of 50 people, all of them hopeful because to you are the expert who will finally help them.

Within an hour, you've transformed more lives than many hypnotists do in a week!

Start your own hypnosis practice

And it's all because you learn the secrets of group hypnosis in this fun, hands-on, one-day workshop.

Group Sessions amplify the power of hypnosis with "social proof" and are often easier and even more successful than one-on-one sessions!!

Now you can learn how to do Group Hypnosis like the experts!

In this exciting and fun hands-on workshop, you'll learn everything you need to hold Group Hypnosis sessions for weight-loss, smoking and more!

In This One-Day Group Hypnosis Training, You'll:

  • Discover The Secrets to Group Trance
  • Master the Pre-Talk (What to Say Before Trance) for Success
  • Learn How to Apply Social Proof for Maximum Success
  • Uncover The Crucial Move That Will Make Your Session Successful
  • Get Full Scripts for Group Weight-Loss & Smoking Sessions!
  • PLUS: Group Hypnosis Specialty Certification For Your Wall!

This is not just a "teaser", like other companies offer. In this weekend event, you'll learn and use specific group tools that you'll master right away.

This is a hands-on workshop, and it's full of exercises!

Special Rapid Induction Workshop Bonus

Because Transform Destiny always goes above and beyond, we're offering the following special bonuses worth more than $140:

  • Free Copy of My Paperback, Learn Hypnosis... Now!
  • Free Copy of My Music CD, Hypnotic Trancescapes
  • Written Scripts for Group Weight-Loss and Smoking Sessions
  • Free 20 Minute Success Profile, a $100 value


I'm sure you know what an incredible offer this is. Think of what you'll be able to do with these amazing Group Hypnosis sessions. You'll immediately realize that this workshop is priceless.

There are only 25 seats available. Enroll right now at the special Early-Bird rate before seats sell out!

Note: While hypnosis certification is not required for this event, basic knowledge of hypnosis will be very helpful. However, valid board certification is required for specialty certification.

Tax Deductions Available

US Treasury regulation 1.1625 permits an income tax deduction for educational expenses including registration fees, tuition, travel, meals, and lodging for courses taken to improve or maintain skills required in employment or business. Many of our students write off their tuition and travel expenses. Consult with your tax professional.

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Class Schedule

  • Sunday: 10am - 6pm

Total Value Including the Workshop and all Materials:

Full Price:
$300 within seven days
of the event
Special Price:
Just $147
Early-Bird Discount
Save $153!
Register seven days or more prior to the training to qualify for the special Early-Bird pricing.

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About Michael Stevenson MNLP, MTT, MHt

Michael is a best-selling author, business coach, success coach, and international speaker with impressive credentials and experience. He has helped nearly than 200,000 people around the world learn to use the power of the mind to turn off the "autopilot," take hold of the controls, and create the life their dreams.

Michael started Transform Destiny in the year 2000 with a deep passion for helping people transform their individual destinies, after transitioning from an unsatisfying field in computer programming.

Now, he heads Transform Destiny, the top NLP, hypnotherapy, and coaching training company in the world, and our trainers teach these valuable skills all over The United States of America, as well as other countries.

You can read more about Michael on his bio page.

Co-Star of the Documentary Movie
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  • Voted the second most influential person in the field of NLP in 2020 by the Global Gurus Organization

Author of the Books
  • Influence to Profit: Turning Words Into Wealth With Ethical Influence and Persuasion
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  • Quick Fix: NLP Recipes for Bliss
  • Best-Selling Book Learn Hypnosis... Now!
  • Certified Master Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Certified Master Trainer of TIME Techniques
  • Certified Master Practitioner of TIME Techniques
  • Certified Neuro-Linguistic Master Learning Specialist
  • Certified Neuro-Linguistic Learning Specialist Trainer
  • Certified Advanced Parts Therapy Specialist Certification
  • Certified Eye Movement Integration Practitioner
  • Certified Business Coach and Business Consultant
  • Certified Master Success Coach and Certified Trainer of Success Coaching
  • Certified Master Life Coach and Certified Trainer of Life Coaching
  • Certified Funnel Optimization Expert and Customer Value Optimization Expert
Board Certificatied Through
  • International Board of Coaches and Practitioners
  • International Association of Counselors and Therapists
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  • American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Learning
  • International Hypnosis Federation
  • National Guild of Hypnotists
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  • The Transform Destiny NLP Practitioner Training Program was voted globally as the #2 best NLP training program out of literally thousands of programs around the world by the Global Gurus Organization.
  • The Transform Destiny Company is also certified as an approved training institute by the International Board of Coaches and Practitioners and the International Hypnosis Federation.