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The following are positions which we are either looking to fill or have recently filled.

Our whole team works remotelu, so they do not need to live in Los Angeles. The Live Event Team does need to be in Northern America.




4. Currently Filled, but open to anothER trainer to start training SOON for 2021 events - CERTIFIED NLP TRAINER

Do you love people, and love changing lives? Do you love the idea of being a big part of a ripple that helps many people help many other people, and feel good about having a positive impact?

Do you love to travel, and the idea of working from home and on the road?

We are a company that is changing lives one-by-one through our live trainings and online courses, and our live training schedule is growing. We are always ready to take it to the next level, and to do so we need another talented NLP Trainer to teach some of our certification classes throughout the year across the United States.

You would be in charge of teaching live events, setting up and tearing down for the live events that you teach, following up with your students after the trainings, and managing any volunteer assistants that come to help you at the trainings. There will also be occassional meetings with the team, and other small tasks to make sure that your trainings run smoothly, like collecting prints, shipping manuals, and other tasks.

You will also likely be doing paid Personal Breakthrough Sessions with some of our clients with your NLP Master Practitioner skills.

We also have extra work that can be done from home if you are interested in a more full-time schedule. Some of these tasks would include connecting with students that have signed up for the live trainings to make sure that they have everything that they need, and also to answer emails and phone calls from people interested in coming to trainings to answer their questions  and to help them sign up.

Things we love about you:

  • You are already certified as an NLP Trainer, or you are at the minimum already certified as an NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner, and plan to go all the way through NLP Trainer's Training this year
  • You are driven and confident, and able to manage a large room of people
  • You have a flexible schedule at home, and would have no problem being out of town for several weeks at a time
  • You love NLP, hypnosis and the other things we teach and you are eager to take your learnings to the next level
  • You would rather have a full schedule doing what you love: teaching trainings for our company without having to worry about marketing, filling the trainings, collections or other aspects of the company, rather than run your own company where you have to manage many more tasks
  • You're a self-starter, have discipline and can work from home comfortably
  • You are interested in making a long term career as an NLP Trainer with our company
  • You love to hear things like: how much you're appreciated, how we can't live without you, and just how important you are to us   :)

If reading this ad has been like staring into a mirror, we just may have a match made in heaven. Email your resume here to be considered for this amazing opportunity.

Make sure that you include your current level of NLP Training, and which company you trained with, and details on trainings that you are already planning on taking this year to reach the level of NLP Trainer.


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Our mission is to transform the world, one person at a time.

It's not often that the opportunity comes along to work with a company where you get to define your role and grow with that company as an important, key team member. If this appeals to you, give us a call today.