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Mastering Sales with NLP, In Your Home! - Immediate Access! $77
(Save $1,023)
Item:Mastering Sales with NLP, In Your Home! - Immediate Access!
Your Price:$77
(Save $1,023)

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What You're Getting

  • The NLP Five-Step Sales Process
    Modeled exclusively from successful sales people, this simple, fool-proof, five-step process will light your sales on fire! The powerful model and techniques will transform you into a sales hero with just five hours of instruction!
  • Powerful "Hypnotically" Persuasive Language Patterns
    Knowing what to say will make you a persuasion machine. Imagine being able to turn around even the toughest of sales with a few choice, carefully chosen words that practically hypnotize your prospects with their eyes open.
  • Learn How to Absolutely Destroy Objections
    Objections will come up in practically every sale, even if the client wants your product or service! You'll learn powerful, "Jedi mind trick techniques" for helping your prospects overcome objections, easily and effortlessly, including hypnotic Slight of Mouth patterns, and the US Military Recruiter patterns - some of the most powerful persuasive language patterns ever documented!


  • "I found tremendous value in taking this on-line course!"
    "It showed me step by step how to use my NLP training, whether I'm selling a product, service or idea to people."
    -Gale Barbe
  • "Some of the best nlp training and information I have found online and at a great value."
    "Some of the best NLP training and information I have found online and at a great value. Mastering Sales with nlp is a must for anyone serious about excelling in sales. Keep up the good work. "
    -Michael C.
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