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Carl Schirtzer, MNLP, MTT, MHt Bio

Carl Schirtzer is a passionate facilitator, master practitioner, coach, and mentor.  He favors himself a continual student of learning, who finds a great love in awakening human potential and providing others with the tools to live life on their terms.

A captivating motivator, Carl has spent close to 30 years changing the lives of others.  From celebrated personal development work to dynamic group settings, he serves as a guide for others to unlock their greatest desires.

Carl holds a pre-medical degree from Colorado State University, focused in Neurobiology, and has held various certifications centered on exploring human excellence.  He has over 20 years in the corporate sector, growing fortune 500 companies and enhancing organizations adjacent to their executive leadership. He believes that change occurs on multiple planes of existence, and dedicates his efforts to maximize each for the betterment of his clients and audiences.  

Carl operates with the belief that each person possesses all the resources they need to achieve their greatest results in life, and it is his honor to assist in bringing back that connection. His passion and expertise in the fields of coaching, NLP, hypnosis, and the like are the tools he chooses to use to create lasting change.