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Success Coaching, Business Coaching and Life Coaching with Certified Master Success Coach Michael Stevenson

Finally Gain the Confidence, Motivation and the Plan that You Need to Create Success In Your Life... Guaranteed!

Michael Stevenson is one of the worlds most sought-after coaches, because he combines traditional coaching with powerful mental tools such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming to help you overcome limiting beliefs, conflict, mental blocks... any obstacle that stands in your way.

Activate the Law of AttractionThink about all those things you want in your life that you don't yet have.

Do you have the wealth you want?

Do you have the magical relationship you dream of?

Do you love your career so much you can't wait to get up on Monday morning?

If you're like most people, your answer to most of these questions is probably, "No," or "Not yet."

What if you could find someone to help you make simple, comfortable changes in your life that will automatically begin attracting your wildest dreams to you?

If you knew that when you hire this person, it would guarantee that you'll get all those things in life that you want, wouldn't you do whatever it takes to be around them?

My name is Michael Stevenson and I help thousands of people just like you each year change their lives for the better, no matter what the current circumstances or past history are.

One of the biggest keys to success is to surround yourself with successful mentors who have not only found success in life, but who have been faced with real world challenges and overcome them.

Having lived homeless on a park bench for six months at 19, I made the commitment to transform my own destiny in my early 20s and created previously unimagined success in the fields of software, publishing, coaching and speaking.

I have seen the world from both extremes -- from abject poverty through wild success and prosperity -- and understand the strategies to turn your life around and create success in any area, and my track record with thousands of clients proves this.

For the first time ever, you will be welcomed into my Inner Circle to help you discover these secrets in your own life.

What it Means To Be Part of Michael's Inner Circle

Success Coach, business coach, life coachWhen you become a part of my Inner Circle, it means that you're a person looking to get more out of life.

You're ready to dedicate yourself to becoming who you truly can be, first inside, and then out.

You are willing to take the steps necessary to achieve success in your life, and, like all of us, you need some guidance and direction to do so.

And, because you know that those whom you spend time with influence your personality and behavior, you want to be part of a like-minded group who can help you take those steps.

You're ready to spend time with people who will pull you up to new levels of awareness, happiness and success, rather than remain with those who are happy with mediocrity and continue to pull you down.

"The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the expectations of your peer group"
-Tony Robbins

Being in the Inner Circle is all about being around people who expect only the best from you, and won't buy into the reasons you thought you had for why you can't have, be and do what you want in life.

We accept you for your unlimitedness only, rather than your past results, experiences or excuses.

Why Michael's Inner Circle is Right for You

Activate the Law of AttractionDepending on your level of commitment and desire, I have an Inner Circle program for you.

No matter what your current level of success, you can become a part of the Inner Circle at an investment you're comfortable with and begin to create the success you desire.

The first step is to make a commitment to yourself to do what it takes to join this program.

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily." -Zig Ziglar

Powerful Components for Success

The Inner Circle consists of up to five powerful components, each designed to bring out the best in you and help you achieve your dreams:

  • VIP One-Day Session with Michael
    A one-day, one-on-one VIP session with Michael (also called a Breakthrough Session) will be one of the most powerful growth experiences of your life as we peel back the layers of why you do what you do and how to create explosive growth and success in any area of life. Michael will spend time with you one-on-one to discover what you want, how to get it and will use tools such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, TIME Techniques, EFT and more to help you eliminate all that holds you back, retrain your mind for success and create massive motivation. (Valued at $5,000)
  • One-on-One Coaching
    Depending on your level, you'll get direct coaching with Michael Stevenson. These coaching programs use effective methods based on Michael's proven CORE Coaching™ System to consistently take you to the next level and beyond.
  • Michael's Inner Circle Masterminds
    Success guru Napoleon Hill insisted that you must have a Mastermind Group of like-minded, results-oriented people to achieve success. Michael will personally lead these two-day Masterminds held in Southern California and will be sharing and teaching information not taught in any of our other live courses. These masterminds are private, exclusive and only available to Inner Circle members.
  • Monthly EMPOWER Program Group Coaching Conference Call
    Each month, Michael will speak on a topic of current, relevant interest to creating your success and will take questions personally via the conference call, email and chat. This conference call is worth its weight in gold and will often feature other experts who will share their advice and wisdom, as well. The conference call is held each month on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 6pm PDT. You'll have exclusive access to these calls live and you can listen to all past calls via the online call archive. The EMPOWER Program also includes a monthly guided meditation recorded by Michael and other bonuses ($150 /mo value) (sample call).
  • Inner Circle Private Groups
    Private groups where you can chat with other like-minded Inner Circle members and ask questions of Michael and/or the our staff. These boards are a great place to network with others who want to create win-win successes, as well as getting direct support and feedback from the coaches.
  • Special Inner Circle Discounts and Events
    As a member of the Inner Circle, you'll get special discounts on ALL Transform Destiny events, products and services (as much as an additional 30% off posted prices — even off discount prices and coupon prices), and exclusive access to private Inner Circle events not available to the public, for as long as you stay a member. These discounts can easily save you more than you invest in the Inner Circle program!
"Michael Stevenson, and the Transform Destiny coaching program really helped me get a greater understanding of how to achieve success. The methods that he teaches you are brilliant and will greatly affect you and those around you. One of the best things that I learned was how to blast past negative emotions and limiting beliefs about myself. He also taught me how to set goals and visualize my outcomes. I would suggest any of Transform Destiny's coaching programs to anyone that is serious about reprogramming and achieving their dreams." -Javier Laval, CEO of Android-Homme

Choose Your Inner Circle

We have four levels of annual membership in the Inner Circle, each hand-designed by me. All levels match your commitment and desire with 100% support from me and my team.

Silver Level Annual Membership

$497 Monthly or $4,970 Annual Payment (Save $994)

Gold Level Annual Membership

$997 Monthly or $9,970 Annual Payment (Save $1,994)

  • Includes ALL of the benefits of the above levels, PLUS:
  • One VIP one-day session with Michael (four- to six-hour Breakthrough Sessions, in-person or via Skype, valued at $5,000)
  • An additional three 30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions (for a total of six) with Michael each year via phone or Skype
  • Your own personal, private VIP "hotline" number dedicated to you that gives you direct access to Michael and the support team (even outside of business hours) via voice and text with automated recording and email-delivery of coaching calls in MP3 format.. This is your own dedicated access number and will not be given out to anyone else.
  • Special Inner Circle Discounts (15% off most courses, products and services)

Platinum Level Annual Membership

$1,997 monthly or $19,970 annual payment (save $3,994)

  • Includes ALL of the benefits of the above levels, PLUS:
  • One additional (for a total of two) VIP one-day session with Michael (four- to six-hour Breakthrough Sessions, in-person or via Skype, valued at $5000 /ea)
  • An additional nine 30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions (for a total of twelve -- that's one call monthly) with Michael via phone or Skype
  • Invitations to private, exclusive events ONLY available to my Inner Circle VIPs
  • "Black sedan" style pick-up and drop-off for our mastermind events (30 mi maximum).
  • Special Inner Circle Discounts (20% off most courses, products and services -- this could literally save you thousands!)

Diamond Level Annual Membership

$4,997 monthly or $49,970 annual payment (save $9,994)

  • Includes ALL of the benefits of the above levels, PLUS:
  • An aditional 12 hours of one-on-one time with Michael (a total of 24 hours, in person)
  • An additional twelve 30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions (for a total of 24, at two calls monthly) with Michael via phone or Skype
  • Invitations to private, exclusive events ONLY available to Michael's Inner Circle VIPs
  • Our entire collection of online courses ($10,000 value)
  • Special Inner Circle Discounts (30% off most courses, products and services -- this could literally save you thousands!)


Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed

Join Michael's Inner Circle Program today and use it to your heart's content.

If — for any reason at all — you aren't completely thrilled with your membership in the Inner Circle Program within 30 days, just send let me know and I'll personally give you a full and complete refund.

No questions, no hassles, just a friendly refund, the way it should be.

This way, you can try this program out and take as much time as you need to use the tools and techniques with complete confidence and peace of mind. Now that's what I call a win/win.

"I needed to get clear. I had a general idea of what I wanted to do, but I was floundering. Michael helped me set my goals and vividly visualize my outcome. Within just a few weeks of meeting with Michael, I had put action plans into motion. I have been on a roll since then. Michael's methods are highly effective and I would recommend him to anyone who would like laser light focus towards achieving their desired outcomes. Thank you Michael!" -Alicia Casapao

Join Michael's Inner Circle Coaching Program

Choose a level and then click the "Proceed to Checkout" button to get started. You'll get instant access to all the bonuses, live call schedule, call archives, and the Inner Circle members group:

    (or $49,970 annual - save $9,994!)
    (or $19,970 annual - save $3,994!)
    (or $9,970 annual - save $1,994!)
    (or $4,970 annual - save $994!)

About Your Mentor, Michael Stevenson MNLP

Michael is a best-selling author, business coach, success coach, and international speaker with impressive credentials and experience. He has helped more than 100,000 people around the world learn to use the power of the mind to turn off the "autopilot," take hold of the controls and create the life their dreams.

You can read more about Michael at his bio page and can contact him directly here.

Michael's Credentials
  • Author of the Book The Power to Create Your Day Now!
  • Author of the Book UnStuck: The Owner's Manual for Success
  • Author of the Book Quick Fix: NLP Recipes for Bliss
  • Author of the Book Becoming an Influence Ninja
  • Author of the Book Tapping Into Wealth with EFT (Coming in 2014)

  • Certified Business Coach and Business Consultant
  • Certified Master Success Coach and Certified Trainer of Success Coaching
  • Certified Master Life Coach and Certified Trainer of Life Coaching
  • Certified Funnel Optimization Expert and Customer Value Optimization Expert
  • Certified Master Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Certified Master Trainer of TIME Techniques
  • Certified Master Practitioner of TIME Techniques
  • Certified Neuro-Linguistic Master Learning Specialist
  • Certified Neuro-Linguistic Learning Specialist Trainer
  • Certified Advanced Parts Therapy Specialist

  • Board Certification by the International Board of Clinical Practitioners
  • Board Certification by the Int'l Association of Counselors & Therapists
  • Board Certification by the IHF
  • Board Certification by the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Learning
  • The Transform Destiny Company is also certified as an approved training institute by IBCP, IHF, ABNLL, and NLC.

Our Mission

We Transform Dreams into Destinies using whole mind tools designed to create immediate changes in your life, now, using tools like Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), TIME Techniques, Communication Skills and more.

We are on the path of changing the world by transforming dreams into destinies. If you'd like to take part in this critical mission, creating your own path of transformation in the world, come join us for one of our live trainings and begin by transforming your own destiny.


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