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My Daily LoA Tip: Contribution and the Law of Attraction

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

If you’re not looking forward to the holidays, if you’re not finding joy, what you might be missing is contribution.

Your body is like an energy vessel, and it only has enough room for your current capacity of energy.

Just like a river forming a valley, if you damn the source of the water, the valley won’t grow.  As a matter of fact, it will shrink.

Similarly, on the other hand, you damn the outlet of the water, the valley won’t grow. The water will bust the banks and run out across the plains.

The only way to grow a valley is to allow both the source and the outlet to flow freely.

Your energy is much like a river.  In order to make your vessel bigger – capable of handling more and more energy – you need to both give and receive.  A higher capacity for energy means a higher capacity of love, joy, health, and prosperity.

So what can you do to help people truly in need this year?

The act of contribution can fill you fuller than any meal, warm your warmer than any fire, and bring you more joy than any present, if you only let it.  How can you contribute this season?

To your success,
Michael Stevenson

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